What Is Web 3.0 and Why You Should Care!

The world of web design is evolving, and web 3.0 is here to transform the online business success metrics. And if you are wondering what exactly is web 3.0, then this blog is just for you.

What is web 2.0?

The web as we see and experience today is known as web 2.0, or the social web. It allows us to consume content from different sources, and then create our own content for others out there.

It is like an open conversation through effective web development between a user and the entire world. And evidently, in this conversation, both sides can speak to each other freely.

However, a massive change is on the way. Preceding the data and search-related challenges of web 2.0, there is a new web design that is about to follow. If we initiate a comparison between web 2.0 and web 3.0, we will see that the latter assures a fairer, smarter, and smoother web experience to the users.

But what do these changes mean for your business website? What can you expect from a competent web development company in terms of these changes? Let’s find out!

A look back into web transformation

Remember the old websites where all you could do was read texts? Those web development functionalities had minimal interactive and graphic elements.

As users, all you could do was consume the information presented and maybe share it in some limited ways. This age was also known as web 1.0 or the library web.

Web 1.0 was insufficient after a point in time. We needed a streamlined way of information development, content production, and sharing it further with the world.

Demand for personalization, enhanced connectivity, and more interaction through web development took over the internet. And that is how web 2.0, or the social web was developed.

Now, after 2 decades, the web design industry is ready to transition into the web 3.0 world. AI technologies have pushed us towards this evolution. The term web 3.0 was first coined by John Markoff in his 2006 article in the NY Times.

It denotes a new age of the online world. The idea is dominated by the significance of AI and machine learning. Also, the concept makes use of p2p networks to offer a transparent user experience.

What is web 3.0?

what is web 3.0There is not a fixed definition yet for web 3.0. But after taking into account its parameters in web design, we have developed a basic level definition that can explain web 3.0.

“Web 3.0 is a machine learning/AI-driven web that will offer the users useful, relatable, and valuable search results based on the exact context of their search. Also, this web design is supposed to eliminate data monopoly by implementing decentralized systems like blockchain and protect user data from being abused.”

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Web 3.0 design: what does it mean?

So, is web 3.0 already here? And how can your business website web design fit into the new requirements of web 3.0?

There are many who believe that web 3.0 is indeed here, but still at the very initial stage. The final form of decentralized and semantic web design vision is still far from being achieved. However, some basic features have already been implemented within our existing web experience.

As an experienced web development company, we are constantly working to develop better and more successful development/design solutions.

And that is how we have discovered some particular trends that will be relevant for your website’s success in the web 3.0 world. Here is a list of those trends:

· AI-driven web design

As you know, web 3.0 relies heavily upon the use of machine learning and AI. This means that in the future AI is going to have a significant impact on web development.

The objective is to build smoother and frictionless web designs that will make the user experience free sailing. In order to design a website like that, you have to start with the right kind of data and a versatile analytics system.

With AI frameworks, developers and designers in the future will have better clarity on the kind of look and feel your target audience expects from the web 3.0 design.

Based on several data points like gender, age, location, profession, and others, competent web development companies will be able to pinpoint the exact design requirements.

Using this data to build an appealing website is already a common practice. However, in the future, it will become an industry standard.

· Optimization for semantic web

One of the major highlights of web 3.0 is that it will offer the users more contextual search answers than the usual keyword-based results. And to succeed in these scenarios, your web development has to be redesigned to suit the new user requirements.

Your website needs to be optimized properly with smart voice search features.

The traditional search usages are changing rapidly. Users now want the web to comprehend what they mean exactly with their queries, instead of what their search query keyword means.

To accomplish that, we recommend that you use your extensive data sets on your target users and the structured data for web design 3.0. AI-based data analytics features of web development enable us to focus on the finer details of the users and thus understand the context of their searches better.

· Focus on multimedia content

In order to keep up with the new web, the search habits of the users will also change. For instance, earlier users were supposed to type out a query in the browser search box. But nowadays it is much easier.

With simple changes in your web development like voice search options, users can now easily find what they are looking for.

And as an experienced web development company, we always strive to match our client’s website content with this search habit.

For the last few years, there has been a visible shift in users’ interests towards multimedia content. The emergence of web 3.0 is just going to accelerate that shift.

· AR/VR Augmentation

Augmented reality and virtual reality will become relevant design elements for web design 3.0. The application of AR/VR technology will significantly improve the transparency and quality of experience-based interaction.

Irrespective of the type of website you own, the use of AR/VR in your UI/UX design services is going to take the user experience to another level. The extra piece of technology will allow users to experience the service or product before making a purchase.

This can help them make valuable decisions.

Additionally, the use of AR/VR in your web development can increase the transparency level of user interaction.

·  Web 3.0 & IoT

One of the many features that distinguish web 3.0 from the rest is its ubiquity. And thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the ubiquitous nature of web 3.0 is already here.

The connected devices, ranging from our phones and laptops to different household objects already enable us to connect to services online. And in order to become part of this connected future, your web development needs to be updated for IoT.

To make IoT work on multiple devices, the UI needs to be perfectly optimized. A quicker and more agile design process combined with the best design practices will be necessary to build a perfect user interface for that.

· Chatbots for extensive semantic web support

You probably already have a chatbot on your website, or maybe you are planning to integrate one into your web design. Modern chatbots are of better quality, and they can provide plenty of information and help to their users. Still, it is nowhere close to what a human can accomplish.

That is why, during the chatbot integration process, make sure that your partner web development company uses the latest technologies like GPT-3.

Generative Pre-trained transformer 3, which is also known as GPT-3 is a pre-trained AI tool. It means that, unlike the traditional AI-based chatbots that learn-as-it-goes, this algorithm is already trained with the required data.

It can develop any content that has a language structure. Using such technology for your chatbot will get you closer to making your website fit the web design 3.0 standards.

Web 3.0 is almost here, are you ready?

In the future, the web will be capable enough to lead us to find the right kind of search results for all our queries. The highly sensitive ML/AI-based web will enable a better web experience that is not challenged by the friction of the modern web.

And to become a part of this new web design, your online business platform needs to change drastically.

To fit into this new world of the web, your web development needs web 3.0 design trends. It is the answer to your questions on how to create a powerful and engaging website.

Using the above-mentioned design and development features, you will find it easier to make the best of this next age of digital revolution.

Want more info on how to best optimize your business website for web 3.0? Looking for the perfect partner to transform your business for the future? Get in touch, and let’s get started!

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