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From major ecommerce stores to single-page informational websites, every content-based website requires highly-functioning content management systems backing them up. And you need a highly functional team to streamline and effectively organize the CMS website development to secure an exceptional web presence. This is where you need the services of Get My Sites. Whether you are looking for custom CMS development services or the integration of a CMS platform like WordPress or Magento, our experienced team can give you exactly what you need and on time.

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Our CMS Development Services

Our content management solutions offer different stakeholders the access to create and manage content, information, and assets of your organization in an organized manner. The Custom CMS platforms we develop offer unique features like the evident divergence between content and design, SEO-friendliness, simpler coding, intuitive UI, and quicker development and deployment, among others.

CMS Development Services

We have a highly talented CMS website development team that is well-versed in an array of CMS platforms, such as WordPress, OpenCart, OctoberCMS, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. Our integrated web content management system assures that you get the most charming website with the right solutions.

CMS Application Development

With our accumulated knowledge and experience in custom CMS application development services, you will get fast, manageable, and easy-to-use websites. We’ve delivered innovative content management solutions to companies of varying sizes ranging from startups to highly established corporates.

CMS Plugin Development

As a custom CMS development company, we have a top-rated team of developers who have deep expertise in custom CMS plugin development along with web design and development. We offer end-to-end project/service support with a focused intention of fulfilling your business goals and objectives.

CMS Integrations

If you are looking for a CMS integration into an existing website, then our team ensures a seamless transition, keeping your original designs intact. We understand that each business is unique and so are its requirements. Subsequently, we conduct thorough audits before integrations and create custom solutions for each website.

CMS Migration

Whatever your CMS migration needs are: moving your website to a new domain, a new hosting provider, or a completely new customized content management system (CMS); we cover you. If you want to have a complete redesign of your business or ecommerce website, we take care of that too.

CMS Support & Maintenance

Our content management solutions offer end-to-end or full-cycle content management support for all our projects. This includes everything that goes between initial consulting & prototyping, UI/UX designing development to the final delivery, and after-sales support.

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Why choose Get My Sites as your Custom CMS Development Company?

Cross-device functionality: We make sure that the enterprise content management solutions that we develop run smoothly on various devices and remain compatible with all versions of operating systems. Our efficient quality assessment team tests all our CMS solutions on cross-device functionality.

Advanced scalability and security: As a leading CMS development company, we provide maximum scalability & protection of your content management systems by employing the latest security measures, like a secure admin dashboard and advanced data encryption.

Quick Updates: With our advanced content management solutions, you can avail the benefit of controlling your website and the related content effortlessly. We use flexible solutions that help you make important updates quickly to keep up with the changing markets.

SEO Optimised: As an experienced CMS development company, we understand the importance of SEO-optimised websites. We offer CMS solutions with on-page optimization features like alt-tags, meta descriptions, URL structures, page titles, etc to help you rank higher on search engines.

Key CMS Features We Deliver

Get My Sites is a leading-edge CMS development company with expertise in highly-functional Content Management System (CMS) solutions and services. We follow best practices in the industry to provide secure and scalable CMS solutions for a variety of business verticals. We help you build innovative and engaging websites using the most suitable and easy-to-use CMS systems. You can digitize and manage content for your business without any specialized technical knowledge.

Content Creation & Storage

Our content management solutions focus on developing platforms wherein the prime focus of the user-end is the orchestration of the content creation life cycle, dealing with seamless content delivery, which is critical for an effective digital experience.


For advanced functionalities on your website, you may have to implement multiple CMS integrations. In fact, to streamline your digital operations and processes, you can also integrate your CMS platform with your ERP, CRM, ecommerce software, social media, etc.

Content Publishing & Promotion

Our web content management system comes with built-in SEO tools and can be integrated with relevant third-party extensions. The content workflow can accommodate every tiny step involved in content creation, publishing, and promotion.

CMS Administration

Get streamlined access to complete content governance with real-time reporting and analytics. Combined with an integrated help desk, you can integrate push notifications and alert features to different stakeholders in your organization.

Security & Compliance

As a reputed custom CMS development company, we understand the relevance of security & compliance for your content management system. And that is why we integrate additional security features like role-based permissions, multi-factor authentication, access control, etc.

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Get SEO-Optimized Websites With Our CMS Development Services

When it comes to CMS development, we know that it doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to ensure that your content management system (CMS) is working well for your business, we offer a versatile approach to optimization. Irrespective of which CMS web design you use, we want your website to function at peak performance and offer the best UI experience to help your brand grow. Our process includes a free consultation, content audits, data analysis, and everything else that is required to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Here’s how an SEO-friendly CMS can help you achieve that:

  • SEO-integrated CMS can effectively undertake site indexing and future upgrades
  • SEO-optimized websites will feature faster page loading times and thus rank higher on search engines.
  • SEO-integrated content management solution will automatically optimize images and increase page loading speed.
  • The CMS will feature an efficient method to manage URLs and reduce duplicate content issues, automatically.

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Our Dedicated CMS Solutions

Benefits of Our CMS Solutions

Content management systems allow a wide range of companies to control and deploy multiple platforms and content in a systematic manner. These include features like workflow approvals, content authorization, content edits, etc. There are several other advantages that you can benefit from CMS solutions:

Unified Channels

Our CMS development services give businesses the ability to create a unified shopping experience for their customers. We use popular and advanced content management platforms that fuse content and shopping to give users a single touchpoint.

Quick Updates

With our solutions, you can avail the benefit of controlling your website and the related content effortlessly. We use flexible solutions that help you make important updates quickly to keep up with the changing markets. Our CMS development services allow you to stay fluid.

SEO Optimised

As a leading CMS development company, we understand the importance of SEO-optimised websites. We offer CMS solutions with on-page optimization features like alt-tags, meta descriptions, URL structures, page titles etc to help you rank higher on search engines.


You do not have to limit yourself to content when using our custom CMS development services. We offer content management platforms with unlimited access to a number of pages and storage space for files, documents, content, and multimedia options.

CMS Development FAQs

What kind of CMS platforms are available?

Some popular names in content management systems are WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, etc. These are some of the most popular options in the market because of their reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and SEO-friendliness. We have a team of skilled web developers and digital marketing experts who have relevant experience in managing these CMS platforms. That is why we are able to provide custom WordPress development services, Magento development services, etc.

How can I choose the right CMS platform for me?

There are so many options out there. Using our extensive knowledge on the subject we can help you choose the right solution for your business after gaining a thorough understanding of your business objectives and goals.

How much does a CMS cost?

The cost of a content management system varies vastly. While some readily available platforms are quite expensive, others are completely free. Some ecommerce CMS platforms need a monthly fee, and others have charges associated with their hosting. Adding extensions may also cost extra charges for your website. So, basically, content management systems and CMS development services costs can cover a massive range depending on your preferences and objectives.

How do we know that it is time for CMS development services?

You want to move from a hosted to a self-hosted platform

  • Existing CMS is too slow
  • Existing CMS does not support website redesign
  • Existing CMS is too expensive
  • Existing CMS does not allow extensive custom development

Is a CMS easy to use?

Most CMS platforms are easy to use and manage. In fact, their main objective is to simplify website maintenance and help provide an easier learning curve – for both technical and non-technical users. However, as more customized and advanced software program is developed to enhance the features and functions of your websites, it might get a little complex. And you would thus need the help of a qualified CMS development company like Get My Sites. We always strive to create superior quality solutions that are easy to use.

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