Impact of Good Website User Experience on Business Growth

Impact of Good Website User Experience on Business Growth

It’s 2022, and you do not need another blog to tell you how a good website user experience is extremely critical to the success of a business. There have been numerous studies in the past that have proved the correlation between positive UX and brand loyalty. The layout, the graphics, the imagery, the fonts – all of it is important for grabbing attention, conveying authority, attracting users, and consequently building a brand.

Yet, there are several organizations that have overlooked its benefits in boosting their business growth and have failed to capitalize on it. Website user experience is the journey of a user across your website. While there are multiple pathways for a user to take, it is your duty to ensure that each of them offers a unique and enjoyable experience. So, if you want your website to be a lead-generating tool, a good website user experience is extremely crucial.

A website with good user experience design must be able to lead its visitors through the process of understanding your brand, the value of your service or product, and how to proceed when they have made up their minds to purchase.

Why Digital User Experience Matters?

The website user experience is not just about how users perceive your website, but also your brand and everything it represents. So, if the user experience is negative, your visitors will abandon your site and look for other alternatives (which might your competitor’s website). According to a report published by Toptal, 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. Also, negative user experience paves the way to a negative reputation among visitors. On the other hand, a positive UX user experience communicates reliability and facilitates trust. A helpful, enjoyable, and thoughtful website will bring in new subscribers or customers, increase engagement, build relationships, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Why digital user experience matters

Tips to Build a Good Website User Experience

Every outstanding user experience design focuses on the customers and their journey. Therefore, when building a website, do not just focus on its look and take into account the overall experience it offers to the visitors. To understand that, put yourself in the user’s shoes and find out the best flow and ease of use.

Here are some website user experience tips that have been tried and tested by our expert team to build an outstanding website.

Hyperlink Differentiation

Make sure the hyperlinks on a page are easily identifiable by easy-to-understand visual cues. Some common design elements you can use are differently colored text and underlined text that draws the attention of the reader and let them know that there is a link that they need to click on.

A good website user experience sticks to the traditional visual cues, which is to use blue and underlined text for links. Exploiting user expectations by implementing the elements that the users are already familiar with is paramount to the success of your website.

Optimize your Page Speed

Slow page load is one of the major reasons why visitors abandon a website. With so many options available on the internet, most users do not have the time to wait and thus move on to the next best option. Slow page speed will also increase your website’s bounce rate and decrease your online reputation.

To increase your page speed and improve user experience, compress all the images before loading them onto the website since the image file size is one of the major causes of slow page speed.

Optimize your page speed

Be Smart with the Use of Images

Images are one of the most necessary elements of user experience to build a functional and aesthetic website. Using stock photography images can harm your online reputation as most users are now well acquainted with various websites on the internet and can identify the difference between unique images and generic stock images. And this also impacts the trust level your audience has with your brand. If required, seek the guidance of a professional web design team to learn more about using appropriate images for your website. 

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Maintain Consistency in your Web Pages

A holistic digital user experience focuses on maintaining consistency across everything that a brand puts out on the web, especially on the website. This includes everything from heading sizes, font choices, button styles, colors, and design elements to image choices and illustration styles. Everything on the website should be themed consistently to make your design coherent between different pages.

Be Responsive and Mobile-friendly

To meet the evolving needs of today’s modern customers, it is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate, no matter what type of device they use to access it. In fact, mobile-friendliness is not just about UX user experience anymore, it also affects your search engine optimization efforts. Recently Google has even started penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.

Therefore, it is now one of the must-have elements of a positive user experience on a website.

Be Responsive and Mobile-friendly

Use Ample White Space

White space is necessary for a good website user experience. It makes your content more legible while also enabling the visitor to focus on the relevant elements that surround the text. According to studies, the white space around tests and titles increases user attention by 20%. Also, white space makes the website minimalistic, more open, and modern. But, make sure that your branding maintains this consistency throughout.

Attractive CTAs

Call-to-action buttons that are clearly marked with a persuasive action work will enable your website users to easily navigate your website and get exactly what they want. While creating buttons for your website, keep in mind the color and the psychology of color. Since different colors evoke different messages, to improve user experience, choose your colors wisely. The same goes for the words that you use for the buttons. Your content production should focus on a verb or an action word that persuades the user to do something.

Wrapping Up

Enhancing the user experience of a website does not mean that you have to redesign the complete website. There are several simple and effective strategies that you can implement to attain that feat. For instance, have your employees, or even past customers test the user experience design of the website and offer feedback on anything that could be improved. Find out which pages of your website have the highest bounce rates or the pages where the visitors spend the least amount of time on. Use this information to focus on those pages and improve user experience on those pages.

Double-check the mobile versions of each page and ensure that they are working well. Also, it is imperative that the digital user experience is consistent across all platforms, including your social media accounts, marketing emails, etc.

Do you want to learn more about how an interactive UI UX design can help your business provide customers with a seamless, positive user experience? Contact us! Our team will be happy to help you!

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