5 Web Design Scams You Can Easily Avoid


It has been in the news lately that many people are experiencing typical web design scams. In fact, people are grieving how they fall prey to scams even after paying large sums of money for website design. Further, they look for guidance concerning what they should do next.

The fact that people are obtaining money by deceiving others is quite surprising. Even after knowing what to look for while hiring the best website and logo designers they end up in terrible situations. So, whenever you hire a website designer next time, make sure you are satisfied with their commitments.

But if you are feeling otherwise, you should move ahead with your intuition and change your chosen designer. Today, this article will introduce you to the five most common web design scams that you can easily avoid. Please keep reading until the end so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started.

The Most Common Web Design Scams

Plenty of scammers online have been working their way into scam designs. And ever since the advent of the internet, this situation has been continuously increasing. As you would not like to get scammed, it’s important for you to be aware of the different web design scams.

In fact, hiring an inexperienced or shady web developer can be immensely detrimental to your business. But to our sour luck, plenty of such fraudsters are roaming out there. Besides, differentiating between a genuine and a scam web designer can be difficult.

Web design scams

You should note that web design scams come in numerous forms. And each of them uses significantly different techniques to perpetuate their fraud. Here, we have listed a few web design scams that you can easily avoid:

Unfaithful Designer

Complaints regarding unfaithful designers are often heard. Here, the dealer deals with a particular package design while the creator incorporates free designs available on the internet such as using a tool to design an optometry logo for your ecommerce website. As a consumer, you might notice at times that the package design you’ve received is not what you’ve paid for. You probably cannot do anything during such situations as it’ll be too late to deal with things.

So whenever your deal starts officially, please ensure that you provide your requirements to the designer. Also, take enough time to discuss every detail and formulate an exquisite wireframe of your project. And during delivery, if you’re delivered with something else, you can launch a complaint. But if this doesn’t work, you can proceed to take legal steps.

Vanishing Designer

You will come across numerous designers online that have excellent portfolios. After emailing quite a few times and hiring them for work, the designer is likely to vanish completely. This typically happens soon after you have made your payment and hired the designer. The worst part about this situation is that you will probably never hear from them again. Also, you will neither get your work done nor your deposited amount back.

If you confront such circumstances, make sure you lodge and file a complaint. And while doing so, please ensure that you submit all details regarding the online transaction made by you. But if the transaction was not digital, then there’s no surety about getting your money back.

False Data About Extensive Experience in the Working Field

Sometimes, the designer might provide false data regarding their working experience. They will also ensure that you believe all their details are correct and accurate. And unknowingly, you will be attracted to their fraudulent profile.

Thus, it’s important to check with as many resources as possible. Also, you need to verify whether all the provided information is correct or not.


Sometimes, the web designer will ask for your login credentials. And soon after you provide them, you will automatically be locked out of your system. Your system will be filled with spam emails, malicious codes, and malware during this time. At worst, your website might be filled with faulty messages or decrease the number of your followers.

In such situations, please ensure that you get in touch with your website host as soon as possible. The maintenance team will provide immediate assistance and help you tackle the prevailing issues.

Web design scams

Deliberately Increasing Price

You might find that the overall cost of the website significantly increases because of certain fraudulent purchases. These website designers basically show you attractive designs and try to scam you. And later, you won’t find any included add-ons.

Techniques to Avoid Web Design Scams

Here are a few tips on how you can easily avoid any kind of web design scams:

  • Make sure you hire a designer who works under a formal contract.
  • Acquire all the information about the designer that you wish to hire.
  • Please ensure that you make any kind of transaction digitally to keep track.
  • Most importantly, never share your private information with the designers.

To Conclude

While the internet is enormous, it is very common to encounter several fraudulent activities. However, following the above-mentioned tips will actually help you determine and find out the genuine ones.

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