Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2021

Web Design Trends

Users’ expectations and digital tendencies change very rapidly. Some web design trends quickly become outdated and move beyond, while others become popular. Earlier, most of these trends used to last for a couple of years. However, now they get easily replaced or upgraded quickly – almost every year. To help you stay updated with the times, we are here with the UI trends that are going to rule in 2021. If you want to update your web development strategies and stay ahead of the times, you need to follow these trends.

Top web designs trends to look out for in 2021

Web designs with Immersive 3D elements

Web Design Trends2021 is going to see a rise in projects utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). With the rise in these technologies, 3D web design elements are bound to gain momentum in the industry. A combination of these techniques can help design hyper-realistic 3D visuals that take the entire user’s screen. These designs and visuals transcend boundaries between real life and virtual space – thus easily grabbing user attention.

Mixed Typeface

Using two different typeface designs for your web development will do a much better job at establishing hierarchy and creating visual interest. This can be adopted for even the simplest of the typographic layouts. This combination of typefaces has been an ever-evolving phenomenon and looks like this year, it is going to gain even more popularity.

When we say mixed typeface, it goes beyond the usual combinations of serif and sans serif. It includes mixing typefaces within a sentence or even a title giving more emphasis and focus. Of these, the least risky pairing in web design is a serif and a sans serif. Select any sans serif, combine it with any serif, and you have easily elevated the job above the usual. It can also help give a boost to your content and improve your content marketing

Dark Mode

It was a hot web design trend in 2020 and will continue to gain popularity in 2021 as well. The dark mode is used in web development for both mobile devices and desktops. In many applications, users can choose when to switch on the dark mode. The design feature also comes with several advantages like:

  •       Saves device battery power
  •       Decreases eye strain in low-light conditions
  •       Allows highlighting and popping necessary design elements.


As the name suggests, this web design trend has a transparent, glassy look. It makes it possible for users to see through different layers. These layers can also introduce hierarchy in the structure. The design works best when different translucent layers appear over a colorful background. However, the transparency is not complete. Only the fills have to be transparent, not the complete shape. That would provide the desired effect. Also, the background needs to be selected carefully in this web design and should be colorful.

Photography mixed with graphics

Overlapping graphics on images is going to be a popular web development trend in 2021. This technique of mixing will help you let loose your creativity and thus execute awesome designs. It is the ideal way to customize images and add some extra power to your web design.

Soft gradients

It is the era of minimalism. In this age, web design that includes flashy and bright gradients will be considered unappealing and can prove fatal. Most web development companies have already transitioned into using smart soft gradients in their design. Gradients are required in graphic design to give volume and depth to images. Therefore, you have to stop using ‘screaming’ colors in your web development. User preferences and sensibilities have changed vastly in the past few years.

Imperfect web designs

It has been observed that off late, free-hand web development design elements often inspire positive emotions. Exotic, hand-drawn, and imperfect visuals make websites look authentic and unique. Using these unique shortcomings, you can show your brand identity, improve your branding and make your website stand out from the crowd.

Emoji designs

Emojis enable you to say more with less in your web design and boost the user experience among all demographics. If you approach a web development company, you would notice that most designers are now integrating the emotional component into mobile interfaces that make the user experience more enjoyable and engaging.

These days, in almost every popular application, you will find emojis. And this is not just about social applications, but also the applications that are in serious businesses like banking, finance, e-commerce, etc. In the latest web design trends, you can find emojis almost everywhere – coach marks, onboarding screens, dialogs, empty states, and even push notifications.

Pop-art and comics

Adding to the list of feel-good web design trends, we will see this year, we are going to notice a lot of UI/UX designs that use colors in the most unexpected, surreal ways to create dream-like images. These designs will make a statement by coloring objects in colors that they normally aren’t. The idea here is to be playful and design escapist landscapes in your web development that help people find some moments of solace away from their challenging realities.

Micro Interaction

Micro-interactions are the pleasant moments your users have while using your product. These small enticing moments in your web development add tremendous value in offering a humane experience to the end-users. And they are not just visual elements. They work best when they are mixed with the end-users’ action triggers. Micro-interactions are relevant not just from an ROI or a utility perspective, rather they enhance the user experience and help generate positive word-of-mouth for the brand.

Summing Up

As a designer in web development, you need to be aware of these latest design trends. Continuously learning, improving, and expanding your design toolkit are the only ways to build a reputation in the industry.

If you are looking for a web development company for your next project, you need to look out for an organization that has experience in these trends or can offer you their expertise in these web design trends. At Get My Sites, our design experts are constantly updated with the latest trends and are well-versed in recent technologies. We help in designing highly functional websites for our clients that are equally appealing and interactive.

Which of these trends that we’ve mentioned above has excited you the most? Do you know any other trends that should have been included in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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