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A trusted PPC marketing company that’s specialized in the art of doing paid search campaigns right can help you start generating more revenue as soon as your ads go live.

PPC Management Agency That Gets You More

Gaining high-level brand exposure and a continuous inflow of qualified leads is a dream for all businesses. You are probably searching for a seasoned PPC management agency to achieve your dream of getting more – more leads and sales, better returns for money, greater visibility on search engines like Google or Bing, and so on. The experts at GetMySites have strong expertise in delivering results through smart PPC management tactics and strategies that you can count on confidently.

Hiring a specialist pay-per-click management agency is the wisest decision any brand can make to boost its revenue. PPC management is a technical-cum-marketing service. It means that the one who does it needs to know a lot of stuff that lowers the cost per conversion alongside increasing the conversion rates. It also means that the PPC campaigns as a marketing operation need to be super budget-focused. Hiring somebody who is great at this job is the only solution.

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So What Does a PPC Advertising Company Do?

The core function of a PPC advertising company is to help brands accomplish their digital marketing goals through their PPC management expertise. Depending on clients’ objectives, a seasoned pay-per-click marketing agency will craft tailor-made solutions to gain maximum clicks, impressions, fresh traffic, presence on the first page, brand awareness, etc. From the search ads that become visible at the top of Google and other search engines like Bing, display ads, social media ads like Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, Google shopping campaigns, to video ads on YouTube, they will have know-how in diverse digital ad formats.

A competent PPC services provider will inspect and understand the keywords that you are currently focussing on, the industry you belong to, and your current and future campaigns to reach better results. They are big on data and will oversee the online paid advertising efforts of their clients. They will ensure that the right ads show to the right people at the right time, within a given budget. They will do performance tracking at every stage to optimize the ad campaigns all paid advertising platforms (Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Bing ads, etc.) to make certain you have an edge over the competition. They will channel all their efforts to develop high-performing campaigns that drive targeted and relevant traffic to your website

Make the right decision for your brand by collaborating with the best PPC management agency in the US.

Why Do You Need a PPC Management Agency?

Knowing the existence of all types of PPC campaigns and knowledge of implementing them are not sufficient to place your brand in front of high-converting customers. Only expert and experienced hands can select the PPC campaign for your business. Only an adept pay per click advertising company will know how to increase your conversion rates by customizing the campaigns to meet your business objectives and target your ideal market

You need smart and strategic minds to find high-volume keywords that your target audience is searching for and craft an apt content around that keyword to place in the Google SERP’s top position. Get My Sites is a prominent PPC management company that helps you confidently manage your ad spend. Our PPC specialists formulate a tailor-made pay-per-click strategy to position your brand offerings in front of the right people at the right time and in the right place by smartly bidding on the terms.

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Our Approach to an Effective PPC Campaign Strategy

As a preeminent PPC management agency with years of experience in perfecting the art of paid advertising across all ad platforms, we follow a result-focused approach to formulate a PPC campaign. Here’s a snapshot of the steps.

ppc management agency

Convinced about hiring the best PPC management agency to meet your quench for visibility?

Pay Per Click Management Services – Our Offerings

Our all-inclusive PPC marketing services offerings help our clients to reach their exact audience on the paid platforms and thereby improve traffic and conversions.

PPC Audit

Our expert PPC team will conduct a thorough assessment of your current and past PPC efforts. They detect the gaps and develop actionable feedback to strengthen the PPC campaign.

Google Ads Account Audit

We conduct a complete Google Ads audit to detect areas of spending waste, new expansion opportunities, hidden issues, and boost the overall performance and optimization of the account.

Remarketing Ads

Our well-crafted remarketing PPC campaigns successfully target those potential customers who have previously visited your website but haven’t yet converted. It focuses on getting them re-engaged with your business.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC specialists, after understanding the search habits of your target audience via numerous tools, acquire, refine, and organize your PPC keywords to deliver better targeted PPC campaigns.

Search Ads, Display Ads, & Social Ads

Search ads that appear to your prospects at the right time, display ads on Google’s partner websites, and social media paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter –  we take care of all these with finesse.

Conversion-Optimized Landing Page

Your PPC traffic should reach a visually appealing & conversion-optimized landing page with content that aligns with the PPC message, catchy headlines, persuasive CTAs, and user-friendly lead generation forms. 

Google Shopping Ads

Our design tailor-made online paid advertising solutions for e-commerce businesses. We craft the best Google shopping ads to help you compete with competitors with a higher cost per conversion.

 A/B Testing

Our PPC management specialists ensure successful PPC campaigns by doing A/B split testing. With the help of advanced tools, we test ads regularly to make sure that conversions are not slipping through the cracks.

Paid Search

Collaborating with our PPPC marketing experts is the best way to get your business onto the results page (SERPs). We have proficiency in the PPC bidding plans and Google ads ecosystem to turn each click into revenue.

It’s time to get started with smart & effective PPC campaigns!

Why Get My Sites as Your PPC Agency?

google ppc

Google-Certified PPC Specialists

data driven ppc

Data-Driven PPC Campaigns


Dedicated Professionals for Ecommerce PPC Management and Google Shopping Ads


PPC Strategy Evolution Based on Your Business Objectives


Advanced Keyword Research and Selection to Ensure Laser Targeting


PPC Ad Copies That Guarantee Clicks from Relevant Audience


Monthly/Weekly Reporting


Complete Transparency

client stories

A Multitude of Client Stories from Diverse Domains and Industries

It’s time to get started with smart & effective PPC campaigns!

FAQs on PPC Marketing Services

Does my business need a PPC management agency?

Yes, is the simplest and straightforward answer to this question. Irrespective of the industry you belong to a seasoned PPC management company can bring a lot of value to your business. The unmatched specialist knowledge is the core reason why you need their services to get consistent sales, traffic, and conversions.

How do Pay-Per-Click Management services work?

When you hire a specialized agency that provides PPC marketing services, you can expect them to take care of your keyword research, competitor research, channel selection, ad copywriting, continuous monitoring, A/B testing, and everything that increases your conversion rates.

How do PPC services give results immediately and consistently?

This is the main reason why PPC campaigns have strong fans among famous brands. PPC is not like search engine optimization (SEO) that needs the generation of organic traffic growth (which is slow and long-term) to get your brand sufficient exposure. While PPC advertising gives results the moment the ads are live. If your business is targeting to generate revenue quickly and if you would like to benefit from an interim marketing window, PPC is the best option.


What are the different types of PPC ads?

There is a multitude of PPC ad types each of which befits a certain type of business goals and audience. Some of them are search ads, display ads, social ads, remarketing ads, Google shopping ads, in-stream ads, Amazon PPC ads, local services ads, etc. Get in touch with our specialists to understand your business objectives and suggest a tailor-made PPC management service.


How do I know if SEO or PPC is the right strategy for my brand?

Understanding your target demographics and analyzing their online activities are vital to determine whether PPC, organic search, or a combination of these digital marketing strategies is the best approach for your business.
SEO is all about gaining steady results, improved authority, and value of your website. Whereas, PPC is all about getting immediate results with a highly targeted audience. You can go ahead with it even if your website is not SEO-optimized. The former can be less costly while the latter is costly as it is paid advertising. If you are confused about choosing the best strategy, give us a ring to get help.


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