20 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2022 (Chosen by Experts)

WordPress blog themes

Searching for the best free WordPress blog themes for your website? To make your job easier and spare you from the hassle of browsing through thousands of free themes at WordPress.org, we have curated here a list of 25 of our absolute favorite free WordPress themes for blogs.

As a blogger, you would definitely want your website to reflect your unique style and voice. Also, you would want your visitors to have an overall positive experience while navigating your website. This encompasses the ease of reading posts, searching for topics, and discovering other related content.

An appealing blog theme for WordPress can help you achieve the exact look, feel, layout and design that you have envisioned – without having to learn to code. It is true that over the past few years, many of the most popular blogging themes in WordPress came with a premium price tag attached. However, for many bloggers, especially for those with a tight budget, an expensive theme is just not possible. However, there’s great news for such bloggers! There are numerous free blog themes for WordPress that are beautiful and interactive.

We have gathered together a collection of 25 of our favorite best free WordPress blog themes for professional websites. These themes are clean, well-coded and content-focused. And we are sure that no matter your niche industry, you will find an effective blog theme WordPress that will work for you. So, without worrying about the right CMS solution for your website development, go ahead and build a professional website with powerful WordPress. 

So, without any further delay, let’s begin!

25 best free WordPress blog themes

1.       Astra

WordPress blog themes

Astra is a free, fully customizable WordPress blog theme. It is ideal for beginner sites that are suitable for portfolios, personal blogs, business blogs, and even some ecommerce solutions. It is responsive and therefore works perfectly on different devices and screens. It also comes in with built-in support for WooCommerce and allows you to include an online store in your blog, if required.

Moreover, it is a lightweight theme with options for multiple colors and built-in Google fonts. Astra is also translation-ready and can therefore be utilized to create blogs in any language.

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2.       Neve

WordPress blog themes

Neve is a lightweight starter blog theme for WordPress and can be used to build almost any website. It is extremely fast and can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. The codes and structure of the theme are well optimized for SERPs and are beneficial for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.  

Neve is lightweight and amazing on mobile devices. You can also see the real-time changes when you are editing your content. Neve is part of our best free WordPress blog themes because it works well with all the popular page builders and therefore your coding knowledge is not a barrier to create the perfect website. Also, it offers one-click demo layouts that make it easy to get your site up and running in no time.

3.       Kadence

WordPress blog themes

Kadence is a fully-featured lightweight WordPress theme for blogs. It makes building fast-loading and accessible websites extremely easy. It features a user-friendly drag-and-drop footer and header builder that lets you build any type of website header in mere minutes.

Kadence is considered one of the best WordPress themes for a blog website because it offers a clean blog styling that includes sticky sidebar options and featured image placements. Moreover, Kadence has a deep integration with the core block editor. This will ensure that your content matches what you see in the admin panel.

4.       Cali

WordPress blog themesCali is a WordPress theme for blogs that is both free and beautiful and is ideal for a stunning magazine website for anything from fashion to travel. This theme offers a responsive layout for viewing on mobile devices. This will not only enhance your user experience but also improve your search engine marketing efforts and boost your rankings.

Moreover, the Cali blog theme for WordPress offers a beautiful format with lots of white space and large image options. It looks almost like an online magazine, but without the clutter and the intimidating nature of a print magazine. The theme also comes with a lot of widgets that can be placed in areas like the header, footer or sidebar.


5.       OceanWP

WordPress blog themesOceanWP is one of the most popular names among the list of best free WordPress blog themes. It can be used for different kinds of websites, including magazines, blogs, business websites, or online stores.

It offers fullwidth pages, multiple layout choices, 2 navigation menus on the top, multiple sidebar areas, customized logo options, amazing image galleries, and more. It is extremely flexible and very easy to set up. Also, it comes with live customizer support.

6.       Poseidon

WordPress blog themesPoseidon is a WordPress blog theme that is perfect for bloggers who prefer using crisp and captivating visuals in their content. It comes with a full-screen image carousel that is offset by a lot of negative space – thus providing a visually beautiful blogging experience.

These features make it ideal for mixed-content blogs that let your pictures and posts shine. Although Poseidon is a free WordPress blog theme, it also comes with a premium version that offers additional features for extra websites and support. If you want to further enhance the design of your website, here are some web design trends you can take a look at. 

7.       Blog Way

WordPress blog themes

Blog Way is a professional and simple theme that is clean, well-coded and has a modern layout. It is one of the best free WordPress blog themes for news sites, blogs, and travel websites. It has numerous customizable features and ensures a high-quality performance to boost your website traffic.

Blog Way comes with options to change the color of your complete website and enhance its look. It also offers social links to connect your website with your professional social accounts. Adding social media links is a great way to improve your online branding strategies. 

8.       Hestia

WordPress blog themes

Hestia is a highly responsive and flexible theme and can be used to build multiple types of websites. It is a robust WordPress theme for blogs that comes with an easy setup wizard and a companion plugin that adds services and testimonials sections to your website.

It can be used with widely popular page builder plugins and comes with ready to use WooCommerce features. Hestia blogging theme WordPress also offers a live theme customizer that lets you easily set up your homepage. The interactive features help you add sections and rearrange them with easy-to-use drag and drop functionalities.

9.       Hemingway

WordPress blog themesHemingway showcases a two-column design that is ideal for blog websites. It offers a simple layout with a clean design that helps you draw attention to your content over everything else. So, if you want to develop a website that gives importance to content production, then Hemingway is one of the best free WordPress blog themes.

This blog theme for WordPress also offers a full-width header image with a parallax scrolling effect and plenty of customization options for unique requirements. It is perfect for blogging sites, especially for those bloggers who are on a budget since it does not have a premium version for extra features.

10.   Simple

WordPress blog themesSimple is a free WordPress theme for blogs that are developed by Themify and caters to bloggers who prefer simplicity. Although it is created to help customers buy products directly from your WordPress website, it can also be used for regular blogs as well.

The Themify Builder offers an easy drag and drop interface which can help you build your online store or design without any hassles. This feature comes in-built with a Simple theme and simplifies the whole process of designing your website.

11.   Bento

WordPress blog themesBento is a robust multipurpose WordPress theme for blogs that comes with tons of useful features. It is ideal for businesses that want to create a website with a professional look. Also, it works well with most page builder plugins and is therefore easy to use.

Bento is a widely popular name in the list of the best free WordPress blog themes due to the numerous customization options it offers. All these options can be accessed via the WordPress theme customizer and are extremely easy to implement. You do not need to learn any CSS codes to customize your website and make it look just the way you want it.

12.   Olsen Light

WordPress blog themesIf you want to build a lifestyle blog for niche industries like travel or fashion, then Olsen Light is the ideal blogging theme WordPress. Along with its wide range of customization options, it also offers integration with multiple custom widgets to offer endless interactive features to your users.

Olsen Light is extremely easy to use and is a great option to build a website that is sophisticated and well-designed. This feature makes it suitable for websites of all kinds. However, if you want to get premium support and regular updates, you will need to pay for the premium version.

13.   Mesmerize

WordPress blog themesMesmerize is one of the best themes for blog WordPress that gives you numerous customization options without any hassle. You can start with a pre-built homepage and improve it with the five header designs, gradient overlays, slideshow capabilities, and much more to give your website your unique style.

Moreover, this WordPress blogger theme comes with around 30 ready-to-use content sections that will help you build pages easily and quickly. It is also mobile-responsive and works well with WooCommerce if you wish to set up an online store.

14.   Go

WordPress blog themes

If you like to follow a minimalist approach to design then Go is one of the best free WordPress blog themes to look out for. It is a simple WordPress development blog theme that comes with a welcome message and call-to-action buttons in the header.

Go is a versatile blog theme that is designed to improve readability and provide an amazing user experience. It features clean typography and manages featured images exceptionally well. You can also easily add a contact form without the need to integrate any popular third-party contact form plugin.

15.   Lovecraft

WordPress blog themes

Lovecraft is another blog theme for WordPress with a two-column design. As the name implies, it is built specifically for bloggers and offer a full-width header on the home page of your website. The theme also offers custom logos, accents, and styles to help improve the website’s visuals.

This WordPress theme for blog will have your blog up and running in no time. The minimalist aesthetic features it offers will help you incorporate beautiful images and long posts. Another major benefit it offers is the fact that Lovecraft includes its entire feature set out of the box and there are no separate charges for additional features.

16.   Kale

WordPress blog themesKale is a WordPress blogger theme that is built exclusively for food bloggers. You can choose from several feeds displays to perfectly organize your images and written content related to the dishes you are featuring.

This WordPress theme for blog comes with built-in social media sidebar menus and icons that make it easy for visitors to view, locate and follow your social media accounts. It is an easy and effective way to enhance your social media marketing strategies and improve your followers list.

17.   Blocksy

WordPress blog themesBlocksy is a lightweight, fast, and richly featured free WordPress theme for blogs designed to be completely compatible with the WordPress block editor. It has numerous page types that can be used to build all types of websites, including blogs, portfolios, ecommerce sites, and more.

This WordPress blogging theme works perfectly well with popular page builder plugins like Elementor and also comes with complete WooCommerce integration. To keep your website as fast as possible, it also offers a built-in lazy loading system. Moreover, Blocksy creates a website that looks great on all kinds of devices and is retina ready too.

18.   Writee

WordPress blog themesWritee is the ideal WordPress theme for blog for people who are looking for options to build websites on food, fashion, travel or other lifestyle topics. The theme includes a design that looks stunning on smaller screens and a full-width slider to display your content. It also comes with some custom widgets that can help enhance your website sidebar.

Writee not only looks great but also lets you simplify your content production – which is why it is ideal for new website owners. However, depending on your requirements, there are also some premium plans you can choose from to enhance your website.

19.   Avant

WordPress blog themesAvant is a blog theme for WordPress that comes with seven different header styles, five blog layout templates, three-footer styles, full site color settings, and much more that is built neatly into the WordPress customizer.

It is one of the best free WordPress blog themes for businesses looking for a unique website. The theme integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce development and page builders like SiteOrigin or Elementor.

20.   SiteOrigin Unwind

WordPress blog themesSiteOrigin Unwind is a multipurpose free WordPress theme for blogs that comes with complete WooCommerce support. It is designed with a minimalist style and is highly customizable using the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin.

It also offers multiple page layouts, custom background, color and header support.


We hope that this list helps you find the best free WordPress blog themes for your website. When it comes to developing your website, there are several different free WordPress blog themes to choose from. Some of the best options here are mobile-friendly, easy to use, and customizable. So, feel free to browse through the options here, and find the one that will fit your blog perfectly well.

Do you have any questions about any of these free WordPress blog themes? Let us know in the comments below! Our web development and digital marketing experts can help you find the ideal solution for your professional website. 

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