5 Tips to Know When It’s Time for a Website Revamp

Website revamp!!! Does the term make you uneasy? Does the thought of all the coordination, brainstorming sessions, research, and so on, drive you crazy?

Feel relaxed… Most of us feel the same way when we hear about a website revamp or website redesign. Forget about changing your website; any kind of restructuring and reorganizing can be messy.

Can we set aside all the fears and hesitations and think about it more as a marketing strategy? Consider it as a fruitful effort that helps your organization or business to stop throwing darts in the dark. 😊

As you modernize your website through an efficient website revamp process, you are actually making the right impression with your potential clients and partners. It’s undoubtedly an investment for your future business. Do you know that approximately 75% of consumers evaluate a company’s credibility by its website?

Therefore, it’s important to have a digital presence that is not just passable; but a super-attractive, functional, and updated one.

5 Signals That Shout for a Website Revamp

Now, how do you know your website is up for a revamp? Are there any alarm signals that prompt you to undertake a website revamp project?

Yes, there are many implicit and explicit signals that indicate the need for an imminent website facelift.

Here you go…

  1.     Your website wears an outdated look

Website Revamp Tips For 2021There are many visual clues to know if your website is spotting an updated look. Web design is a dynamic area and hence your website should also change with time, with the changes in web design trends. Visitors will get a clue about your business character by looking at your website. If your website is outdated you will also be labeled as non-progressive and archaic. Keeping pace with internet trends is crucial to attracting more customers.

Frequently-updated websites will have superior loading times, better user experience, and sleeker design. Ask yourselves: does your website look better than that of your competitors? Do you get compliments from your visitors? If ‘no’ is your answer, it’s high time you approach a reliable web design company to start an effective website revamp project.

  1.     Your website is non-responsive

If your website has a responsive web design, all your web pages will look good on all devices. If your website is suffering from mobile unresponsiveness, it’s a great signal for an immediate website revamp.

It’s an obvious fact that your website should fit into today’s multi-screen culture. As most of the users are accessing your website from their handheld devices, you tend to lose valued leads and customers if your website is not responsive to mobile screens.

A Salesforce study reveals that 83% of mobile users are serious about getting a seamless experience across all devices. If they want relevant information when and where they need it, optimizing your website for all screens cannot be overlooked.

So, if your website does not adjust to the screen sizes, it’s an alarm indicating the need for a website revamp.

  1.     Your website tests the patience of users

Website Revamp Tips For 2021This simply means that your website is difficult to use. In other words, getting things done from your website is near to impossible.

Lack of website usability makes users wait forever due to incessant loading times. Websites with more than 3 seconds of load times will have all their visitors clicking the X button. You need to review the elements on your website to improve its performance. Visitors will run away from a website with broken links, outdated offers, and non-optimized layouts for the latest browsers.

All these results in a lack of engagement and poor website traffic and will hamper the credibility and reputation of your business.

If you find that your website makes people frustrated, it’s high time you embrace a website redesign.

  1.     Your website ranks low in Google search

Website Revamp Tips For 2021Low search rank in Google is an alarming sign for any website. It might be telling you to take up a quick website revamp

Staying in a low rank means your website is not visible to a major chunk of your prospective audience. You can take up a website redesign involving the addition of more landing pages, improved search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, moving to a responsive design, and so on.

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool, you can’t afford to stay in the low ladders of Google and Bing SERPs. Get an SEO suit done from an experienced SEO professional to ensure that the SEO issues are website-related.

Take care to maintain the SEO needs throughout the lifecycle of your website and during a redesign.

  1.     Your website spots an outdated branding

If your website design is not aligned with your organizational branding, it’s time for a website revamp. Your website should never convey a misrepresented or outdated branding. message Being your prospects’ first visual connection, your website should convey the right and most-updated branding message.

Your website should reflect your brand. If your organization has recently rebranded itself, give a makeover to your website to echo those changes. Your logo, color palettes, content, tone of content, etc should convey the main characteristics of your company. Your website should candidly communicate the solutions and services you provide.

So, if your identity is not integrated into your website design, it’s time for an urgent website revamp.


What do you think? Do you feel that your website is struggling with one or more or all of these issues? Do not neglect it further. Unattended these issues are costing you traffic and lead generation efforts.

What you want now is an expert website development company, who can undertake website redesign in an effective and smooth manner. Get My Sites can help you give a productive website revamp. We can do a website audit and can detect the real issues that haunt it. If it’s a new website or a website redesign, we can be a reliable partner. You can focus on your business as we don’t pull you into any worrisome website revamp concerns. We manage it as our own. 

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