The Best Travel and Tourism Website Design Ideas and Inspirations 2021

travel and tourism website design

Activating your creative juices for travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirations has a magic of its own in web development. Knowing how to stimulate those creative energies for developing the best travel agent websites is an essential aspect of a creative web designer.

Users that visit a well-designed tourist website with dynamic graphics, deals, and destination information will be inspired to enter their trip mode. It will provide prospective travelers with all the information they need to plan their trip due to the best travel website designs.

When it comes to travel website designing projects, the scope may quickly constrain the available resources. As a result, finding the proper inspiration for travel initiatives especially with the best travel website design becomes challenging.

Having a few go-to locations for travel designs inspiration can help you challenge your creativity. It will be a great help for your web design workflow as well.

With that in mind, here’s our go-to list of the finest travel websites. It can assist you in confidently jumping into projects with the best travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirations that meet your client/customer expectations.

Things to Include for Travel and Tourism Website Design Ideas and Inspirations?

The term “travel site” refers to a wide assortment of the same with the best websites ideas.

The travel designs components you require are determined by the sort of website for tours and travels you want to run.

A city’s official tourist website will have different aims than a travel blogger’s or of various travel agency websites.

As you go through this blog, bear in mind that not all of the ideas for websites will apply to your website for your travel agency.

However, the perfect travel agent websites should have a combination of the following:

  • High-quality photos
  • A brief overview of the area, including highlights of key locations
  • Hotel recommendations, including links to hotel and booking websites
  • Recreation and outdoor activity information
  • Arts and cultural recommendations, including museums, theatres, and other attractions
  • Packing advice
  • Maps and guides
  • Information about public transportation
  • Airport details
  • Language and local dialect tips that are relevant to your situation

Of course, travel agent websites will most likely not require all of the components on this list. But it can be made to fit your requirements.

And there are many travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirations for you to use. So, let’s get started.

The Best travel agency websites Across the Globe

Travel agency websites have become a blessing to users all around the world as web design and web development technology continues to advance. With a few screen taps, we may purchase tickets to our trip, locate a local tour guide, discover the best accommodations, and do a variety of other fun stuff.

So, without further ado, here is our list for you to get inspired into travel website designing.

  1. Airbnb 

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsAirbnb is a popular travel rental collective that allows users to log in to various apartment rentals, homestays, hotel rooms, and hostel beds.

Airbnb has over 7 million housing listings spread over 10,000 global cities in 220 different countries.

Being a tourist website, you’ll see four primary options: places to stay, monthly stays, experiences, and online experiences. You may enter data and get details as a result.

The major web design goal of this website is to elegantly display vacation destination sites. Photos depict cultures as well as the general interior style of available rentals.

Next, all the information is appropriately positioned, and the CTAs are also efficiently placed within the travel designs.


  1. On the Grid

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsOn the Grid is a fantastic travel blog that contains information about numerous countries situated on several continents in its site’s travel designs. It’s essentially a genuine collection of 534 travel guides offered by local specialists in 114 cities across the globe.

The site takes an unusual travel website designing approach that does not enable visitors to discover information on hotels or places. Instead, it provides a navigation bar for different regions as its best travel website design.

When you visit this site, you will see a range of city guides ranging from Aberdeen to Zurich. This enables you to sort guides depending on continents.

The web development procedure allows clicks on the site’s travel guides so that users are sent to a list of popular locations in that city. Details about the places are provided here, as well as their position on a map as the idea on the website.

  1. Priceline

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsPriceline is a well-known website for tours and travels with a minimal yet uncomplicated design. On the homepage web design, you will see a box that allows you to input destination details and immediately locate flights to that location.

Aside from flights, you’ll be able to book hotels, cruises, and rental vehicles right away from this travel agent website. You may search for items here by city, address, or place of interest to book hotels and rental vehicles quickly.Additionally, you will be able to evaluate an array of options so that you can choose the best option from the travel agency website.

  1. Telluride, Colorado

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsTelluride is a tiny town in Colorado, US. This travel agency website design places a strong emphasis on large and appealing landscape pictures, instead of the copy.

When you first enter this website travel agency, you will see a banner in the shape of sliders that showcases various activities available in Telluride.

If the user gets enticed by the photos, a call to action that says “Ready to book?” is well placed underneath it. Accommodation and necessary flights to the location are found as well.

Being one of the best travel agency websites, it shows photos together with short and snappy content and a call to action for users. It lets them learn more about the many things they should keep in mind when visiting Telluride.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsIt is one of the great travel clubs for those who enjoy staying in hotels. The firm offers a curated, privately assessed selection of the world’s best kid-friendly hotels and family vacations. The parents have given their approval to all of these.

The company site’s web design shows a menu that lists all of the activities available through Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s travel club. It also displays a search box where you may input the name of the location, as well as other facts and pertinent information.

The travel agent website also shows popular searches, special deals, and collections in the form of attractive images.

  1. Kayak

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirations

Kayak is one of the finest tourist websites, offering tailored information on numerous flights from one location to another.

When you visit this website for tours and travels, you will notice a search box where you can input information. It can be about the source, destination, dates, adults, and so on, and then click on search. The site then provides a list of flights, along with their prices and other information.

Aside from that, the travel agency website shows a map that displays the flight costs from your area to all of the world’s notable destinations. The travel designs on the site provide links to other pages such as hotels, auto hire, flight+hotel, explore guides, and so on.

  1. Design Hotels

travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirationsIt is one of the best travel agency websites on the market. It provides its services in over 300 small boutique and luxury hotels in over 50 countries around the world.

There is an important section in this travel agency website that offers hotels in various categories such as beach, offbeat, wine and dine mountain luxury, and so on.

The website’s travel website designing aspect or general format is attractive, and it emphasizes stunning photos. What’s more, the site’s web design has used all of these photos, together with the appropriate data and CTAs, to efficiently provide information to consumers.

Feeling Inspired?

Dive deep into our list of travel and tourism website design ideas and inspirations to find about how each one is intriguing on its own. For users, some of the travel website designing aspects feature breathtaking photographs. While other web designs provide travel advice, the other websites’ ideas assist them in planning future travels.

If you own a travel firm, we hope this list of the best travel website design inspires you to rebuild your travel website. Also, make sure you seek the expertise of a leading web development company for the same.

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