The Best Facebook Content Strategy Plans for Your Business

The Best Facebook Content Strategy Plans for Your Business

Building the perfect Facebook content strategy is not an easy feat! You probably are already using all the basics of Facebook marketing like posting regularly at optimal times, responding to comments, and engaging users with relevant content. But it still might not be enough. So, what is it that you can do to improve your Facebook content plan and get better engagement from your Facebook page? Let’s show you!

Why is it Important to Create a Good Facebook Content Strategy?

Just like every other thing in the digital world, Facebook is also constantly changing and evolving. With so much content posted regularly on Facebook, organizations have to refine their approach and gather unique Facebook content ideas to get noticed.

With around 2.9 billion active users on a monthly basis, Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. It is used by this large demographic to stay connected with their friends, enjoy entertaining content, engage with brands, and also to keep an eye on the global news. So, building content marketing for Facebook ads makes sense for brands because it has an engaged audience. So, how exactly should you go about creating an effective Facebook content plan for a social media marketing strategy? Here are some tips!

Tips to Build an Effective Facebook Content Strategy in 2022

1.       Modify your profile

 Modify your profile

One easy way to help users find content is to improve the user experience on your profile page. And you can quickly achieve this by rearranging hierarchy, streamlining tabs, and deleting or including major tabs. The idea here is to set your review tab in the on format if you are a service-based firm. Remember that for your Facebook content plan to work, every tab that links to your other social media pages should be grouped. The sidebar tabs can be customized and by adding a call to action, it can be used to drive traffic to your website.

2.       Develop identifiable memes

 Develop identifiable memes

Social media is filled with memes. Over the last few years, memes have become extremely widespread and popular because they are relatable, engaging, and shareable. Therefore, it is recommended that you include memes in your Facebook content marketing strategy to connect and engage with your audience. You can either repurpose popular memes or develop original ones that include your branding. The basic idea is to show your funny side and communicate your message without coming across as offensive.

3.       Try Facebook Live

Live streaming is gaining popularity among ecommerce platforms and retailers. Therefore, it is wise for online brands to try out live content on social media platforms like Facebook. If you are looking for Facebook content ideas for live streaming, then you can try Q&As by collaborating with brands that are related to your business. Through a series of live content, you can increase the traction on your FB page and reach a wider audience.

4.       Repurpose popular content into effective visuals

Apart from developing meaningful new content, it is also important to work on existing collaterals and repurpose the most popular content assets for content marketing for Facebook ads and other distribution media. This is not just a cost-effective strategy, but also a method to improve brand awareness and enhance engagement. For example, there are several digital marketers who have a tendency to just share the links of their blog posts on Facebook. However, if you have a well-performing blog post, you can repurpose that into social media visuals, instead of just sharing the link directly.

Here are some other ways to craft the best content for social media marketing.

5.       Create Facebook reels

 Create Facebook reels

Facebook launched Facebook reels globally to better compete with the popular social media platform for short videos, TikTok. And since then, it has become a great opportunity for brands to capitalize on. But with so much competition, how do you create one that gets noticed fast and generates engagement? Here are a few tips to build an effective Facebook business strategy through reels and succeed:

  •       Keep your reels to-the-point
  •       Build high-quality videos
  •       Capture attention by adding the key message in the first few seconds of the video
  •       Post vertical videos that are optimized for mobile viewing
  •       Create an eye-catching thumbnail that will attract more clicks.

Want to know more? Here’s a quick guide to video marketing for digital spaces!

6.       Optimize the Facebook profile SEO

 Optimize the Facebook profile SEO

This Facebook business strategy is often overlooked. You need to build an SEO strategy with the best practices for your Facebook profile too. This will include optimizing the page name and all the other sections in the page info, like your Facebook bio. There is a short description space that allows 255 characters and an additional section space with room for 50,000 characters. This will give you quite a lot of options to use keywords without stuffing.

7.       User-generated content

Using content produced by followers is a common marketing approach on Instagram. However, it can also be used for Facebook’s marketing strategy. According to a recent survey, user-generated content was 9.8 times more impactful than brand/influencer-made content in making purchase decisions. Amongst the numerous ads and marketing content, user-generated messages can provide authenticity and credibility, and subsequently offer higher engagement. These are some effective ways you can include user-generated content in your Facebook content strategy:

  •       Re-share them on your timeline
  •       Develop visual content that highlights user testimonials
  •       Create an album or multi-image posts that feature a series of user-generated posts
  •       Add them to your content strategy for Facebook ads
  •       Develop video montages with such posts

Make sure you take the author’s permission before using their posts. Alternatively, you can tag them while sharing their posts on your page.

8.       Pin your important posts

This is a very popular digital branding technique among Facebook marketers as it enables brands to highlight a specific high-engagement post for first-time visitors. This way, when a user visits your business page, they would be exposed to a post that is engaging and persuasive enough for them to show interest in your brand. In short, a pinned post is a user’s first impression of your business. So, ensure that the visual is attractive, the topic is interesting, and the content is to the point.

9.       Make product-focused content attractive

This is a no-brainer! Your product-focused visuals and images should be eye-catching and informative. But how do you ensure that they stand out in the sea of content your user is exposed to? Here are some simple Facebook content ideas to showcase your product in action and generate interest in the viewer:

  •       Take an aerial shot of the product and do a flat lay
  •       Add a human element or use a lifestyle image to show how the product or service can be used
  •       Show a high-quality pic of the product against a contrasting background
  •       Use illustrations or arrows to highlight the features

10.   Include mini-infographics in your Facebook content planner

 Include mini-infographics in your Facebook content planner

Infographics are highly effective in grabbing attention and making complex info easier to comprehend. They are extremely valuable visual communication tools that can engage your readers while giving out information. But Facebook doesn’t allow long images as the size specifications will crop the image abruptly. So, make smaller graphics that are more striking and legible.

Key takeaways

Developing a realistic Facebook content strategy is required to realize the full potential of your social media optimization efforts. For an effective plan, you need engaging content, well-executed audience research, social media insights, and also marketing know-how. That is why most big businesses maintain a dedicated team to manage their online presence on social media channels. Therefore, partner with us if you do not have time to develop unique content for your Facebook and other social media pages! Our digital marketing growth experts will help you build a robust strategy that gets you new customers, engages your audience, and enables you to stay ahead of the curve. 

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