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video marketing

The staggering growth of video marketing or the process of hosting informative and engaging video content is on the rise, especially with the year 2021. The massive internet traffic it currently garners powers various digital marketing, SEO, and SEM efforts. It also reveals that in 2022, we’ll be seeing more of or exclusive video content only.

YouTube, the world’s second most popular website, is an excellent example of a platform that fuelled the video marketing revolution. People do not merely go to YouTube. They spend a considerable bit of time there, even for digital marketing purposes. They watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day, which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined.

Even social media platforms that were not previously thought to be video-focused are embracing video content to uplift their video marketing, SEO, or SEM efforts. Many internet users now watch videos on major social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. This assists them to decide what to purchase and where to buy it from. Customers would rather watch a product video than read a product description.

So, let’s get to know all about video marketing, and how you can strategically capitalize it for digital marketing, SEO, and SEM advantages. Here goes.

So, What Is Video Marketing?

The digital marketing technique of planning, developing, editing, releasing, and promoting video content to promote a brand, business, or product is known as video marketing. Businesses commonly utilize YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Vimeo, and Instagram for video marketing.

Why Are More Businesses Investing in Video Marketing?

Interestingly, more organizations are incorporating video into their digital marketing initiatives and making them optimized for SEO and SEM. Businesses are increasingly using video to sell their products and services. Marketers are pleased with the ROI they receive from video commercials and believe that video has helped them gain more consumers.

And maybe the most intriguing of all…since the video has such a strong ROI, virtually all marketers say they want to keep utilizing it as part of their digital marketing strategy.

What is the Process of Creating a Video Marketing Strategy?

In the past, videos were once a method that you sprinkled into your content marketing every now and then. However, in order to win with video marketing today, you must have a sound strategy in place.

Your video marketing plan should incorporate the following elements:

  • Research on customer pain points
  • Creating topics that address your customers’ issues
  • Creating an outline or script for your video material
  • Creating a signature look and feel for your brand’s videos
  • Post-production
  • Adding videos to your text-based marketing content
  • Using social media and other dedicated video channels to distribute your content
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of your videos from statistics
  • Adapting your content strategy according to target audience data and feedback

Now let’s look at the proven video content templates that will work on any audience type.

Proven Templates for Video Marketing

These in-depth templates used in video marketing will assist you in planning, outlining, scripting, and filming your videos.

These video forms may be used for social media postings, landing pages, or for your company’s homepage to aid in your digital marketing, SEO, and SEM.

  1. The How-to Video

It’s a video that demonstrates how to do anything and is like a blog’s video version. This digital marketing tactic is not intended to convert your audience straight away.

However, how-to films are a terrific way to get your business in front of prospective customers. As a result, it is advised that you use them in your video marketing along with product demos.

This video marketing template should have the following format:

  • Have a short crisp intro or video preview that is to the point. It can dramatically improve your average Audience Retention.
  • In this video marketing method, outline specific steps or tips on how to do something, in a particular order, without going into much detail. A 30-60 second duration is always ideal and keeps the audience engaged, and going beyond that will bore people making them abandon your video.
  • Never end the video in an abrupt manner. Instead, you can conclude it with three things without causing repetition:
  • a quick recap that outlines everything
  • examples to help the audience understand better
  • and next steps such as asking the audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel or website newsletter to boost your video marketing
  1. Product Demo

This video is mainly used to demonstrate how a product works. The video marketing template should include the following to make it effective for your digital marketing effort:

  • quick outline of the audience’s pain points (in a few seconds) that can be solved by the product
  • tease the product/solution by citing an example of a commonly used product alternative by the people
  • reveal the product/service with a catchy shot and an exciting introduction
  • highlight some of its key features and benefits
  • provide genuine examples and testimonials for credibility which will boost your SEO and SEM
  • use call to actions such as “learn more” or “book a demo” (CTAs) that might prompt viewers to buy it in the future
  1. Explainer Video

This video marketing template is best when you want to explain a certain aspect of a product or service.

The digital marketing strategy to use in this template is to start with an intro that jumps straight into what the video is all about.

It will connect better with your audience if you could ask the exact questions users might be having through the video. This digital marketing technique will raise their curiosity and makes them primed to keep watching.

Next is the explanation part that should be done in a structured manner that gives them a basic understanding with enough information.

Ad if you feel like pitching your product along with this video marketing template, do it through a smooth transition from the explanation. This will not make it feel like an ad when done at the video’s end.

  1. The Case Study

The best way to achieve high conversion rates for your websites through case study videos is by incorporating customer testimonials. It will give more credibility to your brand while a real person attests to how great your offerings are.

The structure for this case study/testimonial video marketing template is as follows:

  • Kick off the video by letting the audience know who the customer is and where they are at in life through a brief outline. This digital marketing technique can make them relate to the audience better.
  • The experience with the product/service is better said in the customers’ own words so that it feels legit and authentic – which is always key in digital marketing.
  • Ask your customer to give a brief about a “before” scenario where your product was never tried and what struggles they had to go through.
  • Next should be the “after” scenario that showcases the successful results your customers experienced upon using your product. Let them talk about it in their own way but you could request them to share the specifics of the results to bring more clarity.
  • The final step in this video marketing template is the recommendation part where the customers assure the audience by recommending the product/service.

So, these successful templates could be your potential video marketing strategies that will definitely power your digital marketing effort for exceptional SEO and SEM statistics. It’s time to look at the potential video-making equipment/tools you should be using.

Equipment to Use in Video Marketing

video marketing

It is always best that you invest in good video-making equipment so that your videos possess high-quality output. And it can always be done without having to spend a lot of money. Yes, you can always do it within your budget to still make your digital marketing videos great with professional standards. Now, let’s understand how to do it.

  • The location is always important. You can shoot videos at your home or office by converting them to a makeshift video studio.
  • If you do so make sure there aren’t any echoes or unwanted noises that will make your audio bad
  • Have a neutral or static backdrop for your video marketing template
  • Use consistent lighting. Natural light is always the best – but you got to be very careful with its dynamics. So, it’s always advised to control the light’s intensity using blinds, shutters, windows, etc.
  • A professional studio is another location you could hit if you aren’t getting the right results in terms of lighting, sound quality, backdrops, etc. A professional studio has all the video marketing goodies to make your videos look fantastic. Although this option is a bit expensive, it is always worth the effort.
  • Outside locations are the best when you want to make your digital marketing video more interesting and dynamic. But we’re warning you because a lot of factors such as lighting, audio, noise, etc. can affect the output even if the videos look great.
  • Use a DSLR camera as a starter for your video marketing as it is affordable than buying an expensive, professional video recording camera. It’s easy to use, due to its simple point-and-shoot functionality and is convenient for anyone despite its learning curve. Your videos will look great and professional for digital marketing purposes and you can even shoot in 4K with the right DSLR cam.
  • Always use your DSLR with a tripod so that your videos have more stability and lesser shakes.
  • Use external mics such as lav or boom mics rather than your DSLR’s built-in one. Using external mics can make your audio sound great.
  • Do your lighting with a softbox so that your videos have a soft, flattering lighting effect

Now that you know about all the needed equipment it’s time to get onto the video marketing recipe that can help you make good videos.

Video Marketing Tips for Making Your Videos Even Greater

  • Use a detailed script or an outline of what you want to speak in your video. This will ensure an excellent flow and speed in your speech.
  • Use a 3-point lighting setup where it should fall on your background, the subject, and the ambient light so that your videos look well-lit for digital marketing purposes.
  • Soundproof your indoor locations before shooting videos to avoid echoes and unwanted noises. Use yoga mats or thick blankets if you’ve budget constraints.

Video Marketing: Post Production

It’s time to do some footage editing work to make your videos look professional. Good post-production can be done using:

  • Use good color correction techniques to make your video look good and to make a big difference in your video marketing venture
  • Use lots of jump cuts to ensure a steady video flow which is a great digital marketing technique for audience retention
  • Graphics and animations can boost your video’s dynamics, even more, when you use the right software 
  • Always “shoot for the edit”, meaning you should shoot your videos with a good plan by keeping the editing process in mind. Use a video marketing script, plan what all footage you must shoot, or what digital marketing animation or b-roll you must bring, etc. If you “shoot for the edit” your footage will always be organized and will only require less time for post-production.

Advanced Video Marketing Strategies and Techniques

video marketingThese advanced strategies and techniques can give you a huge extra boost to make your digital marketing videos even better and to get more views. Let’s see what they are:

Ensure the starting 5-10 seconds of your video is highly engaging and full of energy to grab your audience’s attention right away. You can make it like how the audience will benefit by watching the videos.

Use the sequel technique which is a video marketing strategy to make a series of related videos or ones similar to popular YouTube videos. This way YouTube will automatically promote it as a suggested video one after another based on it how it is received by users.

You can make your video super dynamic by changing certain video aspects such as camera angles, using animated transitions, etc. This will make it more compelling from a digital marketing perspective and interesting to your audience.

Try including videos with longer durations as well. If it seems interesting to people, they will watch it no matter how long it is.

Always bring a consistent look and feel to your videos. This video marketing strategy will help you establish your brand signature, and make it aware among the audience. 

Throw in some humor to make your videos even easier to understand and to make them better.

Video Marketing: The Big Wrap Up

So, follow all the above-mentioned video marketing strategies to create a powerful brand presence and to be successful among your target audience. It will then empower your digital marketing effort with better SEO/ SEM statistics to keep you in the top rank.

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