How to Craft the Best Content for Social Media Marketing in 2022

Best Content for Social Media Marketing

This blog explores a list of the best content for social media marketing that can help you craft the most unique and engaging posts on your business profiles.

Yes, you need to churn out fresh content on social media to keep your followers interested and engaged. But it can be extremely exhausting and challenging to be creative and deliver perfect content on multiple platforms every single time.

So, here we are – with some social media content ideas that will help you create unique posts. This guide on solid content strategy (exclusive for social media) will keep your brand stand apart from the rest of the competition. If you do not want to find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again – save this cheat sheet right away.

So, without any further delay, let’s begin!

Why is effective social media content necessary?

Why is effective social media content necessary

Social media is here to stay. Around 3.78 billion people used social media in 2021, and the number keeps increasing every year. So yes, if you wish to run a successful business online, you need to have an active social media presence. But it is not enough to be just on social media to reach your target audience. Your social media content strategy should excite your audience and appeal to them. It should be able to build a relationship with your followers and create awareness about your brand. Here are some reasons why effective social media content is important for growing your business:

  •       Social media will give your brand a unique voice and presence
  •       High-quality content will keep your followers loyal
  •       It drives organic traffic that can turn into potential leads

The best social media marketing content types

1. Self-written posts, articles, blogs, and more

Self-written posts, articles, blogs, and more

Such content your brand’s expertise and knowledge, which will in turn help build your credibility and reputation. Some social media content ideas for small businesses include blogs and guides on trending searches related to your niche industry. Exploring the trending search topics will also give you an insight into the questions that people want answers to. You can thus draft your blog and article topics responding to those queries.

2. User-generated content (UGC)

UGC refers to the content that others create and you reshare or repost on your social media profile while giving credit to the creator. Some social media content examples for UGC include a retweet on Twitter, reposting on Instagram, and sharing on Facebook. It is an easy way to increase reach and engagement. Such posts also show that you care about your followers and keep up with the trends. To effectively use UGC, keep monitoring your social media platforms, find content that features your product (check tags and hashtags), and repost the ones you like (make sure you credit the creator).

3. Videos

Most social media platforms now prioritize videos. Plus, it is a fun way to show off your products. Moreover, with every other brand using video marketing in their social media content strategy, the audience expectation levels have also risen exponentially for each brand. If you are looking for ideas, then try to include how-to guides, video tours, demos, product updates, etc. Such videos can both drive traffic to your website and increase sales. There are a lot of ways you can create videos for your social media including long-form videos, short-form videos, Instagram reels, video stories, YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, etc.

Need further help? Here’s an extensive guide to video marketing!

4. Links to external content

Struggling with new social media content ideas? Use external content! This is extremely useful when you do not have time to finish an article or a blog post for your website or social media page. You can always add posts with links to relevant resources, and websites from external sources that you trust. Sharing posts from industry leaders will offer the best content for social media marketing.

5. Share Quotes

Quotes are extremely popular on social media. Especially among users on Facebook and Instagram. Tap into this market by creating high-quality visuals that include life quotes, motivational quotes, funny quotes, and famous quotes. This is another example of the easy and best content for social media marketing. You can easily find quotes that will appeal to your target audience.

6. Podcasts


Podcasts are gaining immense popularity in social media these days and you should, therefore, consider using them in your social media content strategy. Creating a podcast will get you more listeners and thus more brand exposure. Moreover, your podcasts will give you original content about your industry to post about. However, some social media sites do not allow direct audio uploads. In such cases, you can either add the link to your podcast in the caption of the post or upload the content as a video with the audio of the podcast layered over a static image.

7. Live videos

Live streams help you connect with your audience in real-time. Also, you can use the content in live streams to promote products and drive purchases. The key strategy is to create urgency. Some social media content ideas for live videos include, “We are releasing a new model next week, and if you pre-order order your sample during our next live stream, you will get 40% off!”. This also helps generate leads. Facebook live is the most popular live-streaming option among social media platforms.

8. Infographics


This is another example of highly effective social media marketing content types. Infographics combine the power of knowledge with stunning visuals. Which means that your audiences are more likely to engage with an infographic than with a plain text post. If you are wondering how to create an infographic, don’t worry! You can either use online platforms like Canva and use their free templates to create an infographic or use the services of a professional UI UX design team.

9. Reviews and testimonials

People trust the experiences and opinions of others more than what a brand says about itself. That is why positive reviews and testimonials are highly valuable. If you do not have any reviews to share, contact your previous customers and ask if they will write a testimonial for you. Such social media marketing content types will not only increase loyalty but also enhance your credibility.

10. Webinars


Webinars are highly effective in generating high-quality leads and growing a business. They combine all the best aspects of digital marketing like video marketing, feedback management, and purchase CTA options. Moreover, you can share a webinar even after the live recording is over. Effective social media content strategy involving webinars that request people to share their email ids and are 30-40 minutes long. Make sure that you promote your webinar event until the last moment to increase the number of attendees.

11. Feedback

Here is an excellent example of social media content ideas for small businesses. Ask your followers to share their views/opinions/questions. It is a direct invitation to your audience to have a conversation with them. Make sure that your questions are open-ended and also try to ask follow-up questions to those who have commented on your posts.

12. Memes

Memes are short, simple, and hilarious. They are perfect to add a little entertainment to your social media profiles. For memes to be effective, ensure that they are topical. Also, try not to overdo memes and lose the seriousness of your brand image. When done right, social media marketing content types involving memes can bring your followers some much-needed comic relief.

13. Polls

Polls are a major part of the best content for social media marketing. They are beneficial for audience engagement and give you a chance to understand how your audience thinks. If you are struggling with ideas for content production, want to do a survey, or have multiple options and want to know what your followers prefer – create a poll! Most users on social media platforms also like to involve in polls.

Is social media marketing expensive?

Social media marketing is one of the easiest and most effective digital marketing methods to engage and attract your audiences. Also, it is one of the most crucial aspects of connecting with today’s consumers. If you feel that it is overwhelming to keep creating unique posts for your social media, posting them, and keep tracking them, then here are some online tools you can use to manage your online marketing easily.

Wrapping Up

To make your brand stand out from the competition, save time, and overall improve the customer experience, make sure that you take advantage of each social media page’s individual features to build these different social media marketing content types together.

Do not shy away from experimenting and getting creative with your ideas. Over time, you will understand what types of content resonate most with your target audiences. You can then use that data to offer them the content that works the best for them.

If you are still confused about how to begin social media marketing for your small business, here’s a brief guide to get you started.

Additionally, you can seek help from our expert team of digital marketing professionals. To learn more about how Get My Sites can help with creating the best content for social media marketing, contact us through our online web form or leave your queries as comments below. 


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