The 12 Ecommerce Trends of 2022 You Should Know

Ecommerce Trends of 2022

You don’t want to be left out of 2022’s ecommerce trends, which are rapidly expanding. When it comes to dealing with ecommerce development or your online store, there is always room for improvement. Many individuals struggle when it comes to selecting a platform for their ecommerce business to meet the expectations of its changing trends.

We understand that your platform serves as the backbone for your company, so a fault is not at all affordable. And if you start with the wrong one, you might suffer massive losses and find it difficult to repair your brand image among your target demographics.

This is where you would require the support of capable ecommerce solutions provided by a credible and established ecommerce development company. Their support will help you develop an ecommerce website that suits your business, audience type, and as per the changing or current trends or shifts.

And we’re here to let you take advantage of the ecommerce trends all online store owners need to know in 2022. We’ll start from the basics as well. So, shall we?


What is an Ecommerce Platform?

Ecommerce platforms are business models offered through ecommerce solutions that generate value by connecting your products and customers. Platforms aid in the formation of communities and markets, allowing users to purchase products online at the click of a button. The support from an expert ecommerce development service provider to help you with the right platform can make you more competitive.

The current ecommerce trends encourage the use of progressive digital technologies which have massively rewired the online shopping culture and experience of people. These latest advancements followed by every ecommerce development company have expanded options for both sellers and shoppers as well.

What is an Ecommerce Platform

Online sales are replacing the sustainability of online stores. Brands have been striving to succeed with their first online stores, but sometimes results do not come as expected. One of the biggest mistakes is landing on the wrong ecommerce platforms.

Since ecommerce trends play a vital part in defining the potential of online retailers, it is also being challenged by online sales. Brands have worked hard to thrive with their initial online businesses with the right ecommerce solutions, but outcomes do not always pan in their favor. Among those potential pitfalls comes the most common one – the choice of the wrong ecommerce platform.

So how can you ensure that your ecommerce development partner will help you augment your business potential with the right platform? Let’s find out.


Ecommerce Platform Features that Make Your Business Successful

  • Under a single hood, the platform should enable unified ecommerce, inventory, order management, customer support, accounting, financing, and more. It will help you align with the current ecommerce trends as well.
  • With the right ecommerce solutions, your customer support, as well as target marketing becomes consistent. It will also guarantee that consumer transactions and interactions are always smooth. 
  • Assist in the development of the easiest approach for customers to buy, return, and fulfill products. To increase income, your platform must have unified order management which you can gain from expert ecommerce development services.
  • Ensure your partner ecommerce development company rigs you a platform that assists in providing visitors with a personalized, responsive, and enriching experience.
  • Should be capable enough to completely support all of the different business models, locations, languages, channels, currencies, and brands. This ensures your business to be on par with the current ecommerce trends.
  • Your platform must be PCI compliant and have an SSL certificate. It will protect and guarantee the security of your online store and its data. Your ecommerce development partner can help you with this.


Now let’s have a look at the most sought-after ecommerce platforms that can help your business catch up with the current ecommerce trends.


Trending Ecommerce Platforms of the Modern Ecommerce Market

Any ecommerce development company will have several ecommerce solutions under their portfolio to fit your business with the right platform. It can improve your online store’s performance by a great deal. And the modern ecommerce trends have made Cloud-based platforms even more popular, for example, Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, etc. These platforms can make Customer Relationship Management and marketing functions a breeze through automation. It aids in keeping up with ecommerce developments and meeting user expectations.

So here are the potential ecommerce platforms that can pack a punch for your business in line with the latest ecommerce trends.

  1. Magento


The favorite of the ecommerce platforms and the most widely chosen on the planet. Magento-based ecommerce solutions provide extensive personalization capabilities and support MVC and OOP architecture. To uncover tremendous prospects for your ecommerce shop, you may require the keen technical abilities of an ecommerce development company.

Magento is advantageous in the following ways:

  • The content and backend administration interfaces ensure that you receive exactly what you see. This implies that store owners may develop and adapt their online store with the latest ecommerce trends
  • Built-in ecommerce development capabilities can make user interfaces and shopping carts extremely mobile-friendly and responsive across diverse device types
  • Offers excellent SEO capabilities that help you fall in line with the ecommerce trends and enhance your SERPs 
  • Capacity to house more than 500,000 products and process 80,000 orders per hour
  • Third-party module integrations are easy to enhance additional functionalities and capabilities. Make sure you choose an expert ecommerce solutions provider 
  • Open-source nature allows sharing of several custom extensions with other Magento users. A proficient ecommerce development company can help you with this
  • Magento provides several degrees of security permissions, site security, and internal access control. You will be ensured with the best data security while following the latest ecommerce trends
  • Cost-saving, multilingual platform with multiple ecommerce store management, and currency support


  1. Shopify


You can create online stores effortlessly with this platform according to the latest ecommerce trends. You can personalize or tweak templates to fit customer expectations as well. A credible, and seasoned ecommerce development firm can help establish a unique signature and competitive edge for your brand with this platform.

Shopify’s features are:

  • Through your store, you may sell both digital and physical products with the help of expert Shopify ecommerce solutions
  • To manage unfinished sales, it offers cart abandoned recovery. Just ask your partner ecommerce development company about this 
  • It can make billing and transactions easier with its online invoice generator
  • Seamlessly syncs with multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. These platforms bring the best ecommerce trends of the world
  • More than 100 payment gateways. Choose an expert ecommerce solutions provider to configure the same
  • You can sell an endless number of products and services through this platform by partnering with the right ecommerce development company


  1. WordPress 


It helps to build professional-looking, SEO-friendly, and adaptable websites. WordPress Ecommerce development offers multiple functionalities and modification capabilities to customize the website to meet ecommerce trends.

You can create professional-looking, SEO-friendly, and flexible websites according to the latest ecommerce trends. The right WordPress ecommerce development can help you personalize your website with a wide range of functionalities and customizations

WordPress has the following highlights:

  • Affordable, has multiple free and paid themes. An expert ecommerce development company can help strengthen your brand reputation using WordPress
  • Intuitive, simple-to-use dashboard is ideal for both new and seasoned users. You can create a wide variety of content, pages, graphics, and more to the latest ecommerce trends
  • Expert WordPress ecommerce solutions give you great flexibility for theme customization at any phase of the design process. Upgrades and plugins can help you extend your website’s functionality and empower business growth
  • Organic SEO generates the majority of organic traffic. Clean and consistent code is simpler for search engines to index. Ensure you choose an accomplished ecommerce development company for this.


  1. BigCommerce


Ecommerce solutions with BigCommerce are ideal for medium and small-scale businesses. You can rapidly construct and customize an online store to sell goods, dispatch orders, manage stock, and more.

Benefits of BigCommerce ecommerce development support are:

  • An expert ecommerce development company assures effective store functioning and address consumer complaints
  • Time and effort-saving platform as it is entirely optimized for mobile devices considering the ecommerce trends among mobile shoppers
  • Connectivity with Google’s products search engine directly drives more visitor traffic


  1. OpenCart


This open-source ecommerce development platform is ideal for small and medium-scale businesses. You can create several stores, manage and add a diverse, unlimited number of products and accept payments. OpenCart powers more than 342,000 ecommerce websites as it offers enriched customer experience to the latest ecommerce trends.

Its features are: 

  • It is free and open-source. The right ecommerce development company can help you add ecommerce capabilities to your existing platform
  • Simple interface of the admin dashboard aids effortless management of anything
  • An expert ecommerce solutions provider can help you improve your store performance. It has over 13,000 themes, extensions, and modules

These are the most trending platforms. So, make sure you choose the platform that perfectly suits your business requirements, audience and according to the latest ecommerce trends. It’s time for us to move to the main show of this blog.


Vital Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know in 2022

  1. The use of voice search will have a major spike making it common. Its popularity is increasing, which will have an impact on search results, buying strategies, and even ecommerce development. So, optimize your store with mobile voice search right away to power future sales.
  2. Customers’ buying habits are influenced by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Assigning AI to the challenge reduces human strain and allows individual user monitoring. The use of a massive amount of data can help you with upselling and cross-selling techniques as well. So, build your online store with the right ecommerce solutions provider.
  3. Implement other payment options that use no extra fees such as contactless and easy payments. A professional ecommerce development company can help you with this.
  4. Integrate Augmented Reality features so that customers can visualize products from the comfort of their couches. One of the key ecommerce trends that changed the product trial experience among people. 
  5. People are now more open to exploring and buying from different stores since the intense growth of the ecommerce sector from 2020. So, bring more strategies to enrich the shopping experience making it smooth so that you can retain customers. You can implement those with the help of ecommerce development experts.
  6. Personalized customer experiences and multiple channel selling boosts your business opportunities. Choosing to implement this with a leading ecommerce development company improves customer engagement, brand loyalty, and will gain you, future customers.
  7. Focus on green consumerism by launching products and implementing environment-friendly processes. This may be accomplished by selling items from fair-trade groups. 
  8. Empower social media online shopping as this is another one of the ecommerce trends that emotionally influences a shopper’s purchase decisions. It also enhances brand reach among your target audience.
  9. Choose an ecommerce development firm that can help you implement state-of-the-art web technology to augment your store performance. They will help you and your marketing team with constant progress by optimizing your website to the changing trends. Other elements such as page loading speed, colors, font, size, etc. must also be optimized.
  10. Establish a robust and prompt customer support system to quickly resolve customer concerns and queries with an expert ecommerce solutions team. This instantly enhances a positive brand image. Also, gather user feedback, add FAQs, make product recommendations and keep customers up to date on the newest offers.
  11. Step up your product packing to exceptional standards as the unboxing experience is a huge ecommerce trend, especially in your influencer marketing efforts. You can also include goodies along with your products such as brand decals, booklets, etc.
  12. Use high-quality videos to effectively market your products and services in the digital realm. This will enhance your brand visibility, user engagement, and sales.


Ecommerce Trends: The Wrap

Knowing the above trends in ecommerce development will make you ready for enhancing your online store with a powerful brand presence. Always be on the lookout for new potential and dynamic trends. A keen ecommerce development company offering the best ecommerce solution can help you stay with it and reap the maximum possible benefits. Lastly, always fine-tune your techniques to the dynamic customer behavior and preferences.

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