Top 12 Social Media Management Software for SMBs (Small and Midsize Business)

social media management software for small business

Social media management software for small businesses is a major advertisement approach for global brands on social media. It’s down to the fact that social media marketing is an effective approach for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Hence social media management tools help them reach out better to their target audience and promote their enterprises.

And it becomes more effective when they opt for professional social media marketing services.

Several SMBs have limited marketing teams and expertise to handle social media management platforms. They don’t have time to generate and arrange social media content, monitor the performance of their organic postings, or calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their paid ads.

SMB marketing teams may remain on top of these social media responsibilities with the help of social media management software.

These software has multipurpose capabilities and can be used as:

  • social media publishing tools
  • social media scheduling software
  • media monitoring tools, etc.

We’ve compiled a list of the best social media management software for small businesses in this blog. Several products offer both free and paid versions to accommodate the budgets of SMBs.

Top Social Media Management Software For Small Business

The best social media management software for small businesses can meet their requirements while staying within budget. Each tool on this list supports users with a variety of activities.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is the ideal social media management platform for a small business that wants to maximize its social media presence.

The major attraction of Zoho is that it delivers some next-level bang for your buck, with a robust free plan and subscription options. And on the free plan, you can schedule posts across up to seven profiles and have limitless posts.

social media management software for small business-zoho


You can’t ignore Snapchat and TikTok, two of the hottest apps in town, if you want to attract a younger audience. Moreover, to make the most of your influence on these apps, consider Loomly, the only social media publishing tools that can be used with both Snapchat and TikTok.

Loomly obviously does not end there, as it addresses the fundamentals that each small business should require. This social media scheduling software’s organizing features are excellent, enabling you to keep track of your team and project pipelines.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social may be the social media marketing software that’s worth looking for if your company has a little more money to spend.

On top of normal post scheduling, media monitoring tools, and analytics, this high price tag includes several useful features. You’ll also receive an image editor, send time optimisation, a taggable inbox, and all of the organizational features you’d expect, such as a task dashboard and management functions.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a wonderful social media management software for small businesses to start. It can help you manage your email marketing efforts as well as your social media.

Constant Contact is largely an email marketing tool, thus this platform will only be useful if you also use competent email marketing services.

Constant Constant, on the other hand, is one of the cost-effective social media management tools to gather leads and generate traffic to your site. If you’re searching for an email marketing tool with extra Facebook and Instagram ad features and basic social media management tools, this is it.


The majority of small businesses rely on a single individual to manage their social media. If your company’s social media is managed by a single person, Hootsuite may be the best alternative in social media management tools. Hootsuite, like Zoho, provides unlimited posting and scheduling for a relatively reasonable fee.

The free plan of this social media scheduling tool is definitely worth considering. It allows you to queue up to 30 posts at once, which should be plenty for most small businesses.


Buffer is the most economical social media management platform, with costs beginning at per month and a good free version available, making it ideal for small teams on a budget.

Buffer is a good social media scheduling choice if your posting demands aren’t exhaustive and you just need a low-key approach to communicate with your audience. The platform provides excellent engagement capabilities, competitive analytics, and can interact with a variety of software solutions.


AgoraPulse is a social media management platform that allows marketers to plan content, track comments on Facebook advertising, and produce personalized/custom reports. A mobile app for iOS and Android is also available, allowing you to manage all of your social media messages, comments, and reviews from a single app.

You can discover the latest insights about your brand and competitors with this social media marketing software. It is capable of social listening, tracks keywords and hashtags on Twitter and YouTube endlessly. You may follow as many hashtags as the Instagram API allows.


SocialBee is a social media management software for small businesses that allows you to post to all of your social media sites. Additionally, it has the unique capability of recycling evergreen content. It also includes a few content development tools.

Connect your SocialBee account with Canva, Giphy, and URL shorteners to save time producing photos and content. It is one of the best social media management tools to obtain more ideas from the internet. Input RSS feeds from relevant blogs and let this app produce content whenever a new article is posted.

When you wish to know how your content is doing, you may look at the statistics in this social media management platform to see how it fared across your various social media channels.


If you want to provide your entire team with access to social media management tools, CoSchedule is a decent choice. It’s one of those social media publishing tools that offers flexible user restrictions as well as top-tier organizing and engagement features.

It’s an easy-to-use software that allows for a maximum of 10 users on their first subscription tier, Marketing Calendar, on a monthly basis. CoSchedule as a social media scheduling software features outstanding organization functionalities. In addition to its wide restrictions, there’s task management, team comments, and a task dashboard all included with its plans.

social media management software for small business-CoSchedule

It is uncommon to find this many organizational capabilities in media monitoring tools at such a cheap price range. This makes it an excellent choice for small teams wanting to cut expenditures.


Consider Tweetdeck if your customers often use Twitter and interact with you via this social media network. Tweetdeck is a Twitter-owned media monitoring tool and management software that allows you to effortlessly monitor conversations and communicate with your followers.

You can also employ columns to tailor your display, so you can have one feed dedicated to all accounts you follow and another to track a current topic. Another column can be added to track the activity of your competitors. Tweetdeck can also be used as a social media scheduling tool to schedule tweets and reply to messages.


If Instagram is your customers’ go-to social media platform, use Preview. Its mobile can help you with tailored Instagram feeds with specific Instagram Reels and Stories to assist your business. Preview is one of those social media publishing tools that allows you to visually arrange your Instagram feed, allowing you to create a feed with a pattern. Add images and videos to the app to see your feed before publishing.

This Instagram-specific social media management software for small businesses also allows you to schedule content ahead of time. It can help you expand your reach with Reels and engage your audience with Stories. Preview assists you in planning them before posting.


Keyhole is the social media management platform that can be used if your business works with or plans to work with influencers for marketing purposes. It assists you in identifying the most appropriate influencers for your brand.

Additionally, Keyhole detects the influencers who are talking about the business you’re in, allowing you to research their accounts and examine the performance of their organic postings. An influencer’s impact to your brand’s total engagement, reach, and impressions may also be measured with this social media management tool.

It can also function as a social listening tool and a social media publishing tool, allowing you to plan posts on your sites.

The Round-Up

Since there are a lot of possibilities, deciding on the best social media management software for small businesses can be tricky. So, it’s always best to test the waters with these listed tools to find the ideal one that suits your business and company goals. Or you can simply partner with a proficient full-service digital marketing company to get the best one that suits all your requirements. In this manner, they can help you stay ahead of the curve on the current marketing trends, including the newest social media management tools, and give the greatest outcomes for your business.

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