12 Proven Powerful Marketing Strategies for Edtech Business

Marketing Strategies for Edtech Business

EdTech stands for “education technology.” EdTech makes use of computers, computer programs, and educational systems to offer learning and training to students and employees. The goals comprise boosting brand exposure, more enrollments/registrations, etc. There’s a huge opportunity for those in the educational industry as technology advances rapidly. One can stay ahead of the competition by using the right marketing strategies for Edtech business.

To have an edge over competitors, it is essential for Edtech firms to continuously evaluate the impact of digital trends and innovations. Social barriers are vanishing within the education sector with the proliferation of digital content and cutting-edge technology.

Importance of Integrating Digital Marketing With Marketing Strategies for Edtech Business

Digital Marketing services are also a crucial part of marketing strategies for Edtech business.

Let’s take a look over the advantages of investing in digital marketing in EdTech sector.

Higher conversions

Digital marketing for Edtech organizations can reach a wide range of target markets regardless of location. Edtech companies can reach students across a wider array of platforms. You can include banner ads, social sites, email, and video, as these may generate traffic and conversions.


It is a cost-effective method of marketing. It can also outshine traditional marketing methods such as TV ads, billboards, radio ads, flyers, and newspaper ads. Online edtech marketing campaigns are mostly affordable. It also has the potential to bring more conversions. 

Build credibility

Edtech digital strategies provide more personalized content. This will ultimately increase leads and conversions. If you want to promote your brand or get more signups/registrations use the right call to action. A powerful call to action provides an accessible opportunity for educational institutions. This can lead to an increase in ranking.

Refine ranking 

Edtech’s online marketing means growing your social media presence to reach your target audience and increase engagement. Advertisers can use the retargeting feature to serve potential customers who have shown interest in their brand.

Quick feedback

Get instant feedback from edtech digital marketing. Quickly get your message across to your social media audience and record their reaction instantly. You can change your edtech marketing strategy and improve the quality of your content with the help of this feedback. The digital marketing strategy for Edtech leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Edtech Business

According to an article by Forbes, this market is expected to grow annually by 16.5% from 2022 to 2030. If your business wants to keep up with the pace, you need to ideate a proper Edtech marketing plan. So here is the list of 12 effective marketing strategies for Edtech business.

Drive Organic Traffic With SEO

If you want to drive organic search traffic, SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most long-term cost-effective ways. It is the key to digital marketing for edtech. It is beneficial to generate qualified leads by offering the best user experience. 

You can optimize the content within the website as part of your SEO efforts. These optimizable website contents include meta titles, meta tags, and descriptions for relevant keywords. For example, some well-known keywords in education comprise – school, e-learning, school education, board of education, etc. 

Edtech companies require to broaden their off-page SEO mark to enhance the edtech digital marketing reach beyond. You can use backlinks since they are an effective ranking signal. This can be helpful in letting search engines understand your website’s reliability. Make sure to gain quality backlinks from reliable and high-authority websites to enhance your website’s credibility. 

Educate The Audience With Content Marketing

Nowadays, a lot of information is available at your fingertips. Since then the edtech marketing industry has experienced a profound shift. You need to provide quality content that brings customers to your website regularly. This content should also potentially convince them to choose your e-learning services or products.  This is one of the best ways to make your digital marketing for edtech successful.

Reputed edtech brands such as Upgrad, Udemy, and Coursera have made the best out of content marketing. You can start off by selecting an educational niche and posting content in blogs, infographics, eBooks, white papers, and case studies. By doing this you can display your authority in the market. 

It is good to outsource your content marketing activities to an Edtech marketing agency. A good agency can shape your business like how your target audience wants to see you. Followed by an in-depth analysis of end-users, you can add your perspective.

Enhance Conversions With Paid Marketing

Paid marketing, also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising. It is beneficial in boosting edtech digital marketing efforts. It puts a bid on the main keywords to get your site to rank higher in the sponsored links section. PPC advertising offers some specific advantages for edtechs. It is measurable and instantly offers you high exposure. 

The education market is really huge, thus the keywords for paid marketing don’t come inexpensive. The latest study found that searches such as “Best MBA programs,” “MBA in Marketing,” and “MBA Courses” can cost nearly $60 per click. 

Marketing Strategies for Edtech Business

With high prices, you need to focus on those audiences that help you get profit from paid searches. As a PPC campaign advertiser, you need to ensure that you design campaigns around the educational programs you offer is the core.

Boost Brand Awareness By Engaging The Social Media Audience

Many students are using social media platforms actively these days. Edtechs can get a good opportunity to find qualified leads on social media platforms. It is best for Edtech advertising. First, you must pick the right social media platform according to your target audience. Then, you may require to concentrate on content creation for the users on that particular platform. Ensure that they find this content helpful and engaging. 

For example, Edtech Toppr shared posts with science questions and asked its followers to answer them correctly. Apart from this, you can also invest in Facebook and Instagram Ads to develop brand awareness. When you compare social media advertising with Google Ads campaigns, social media advertising is more cost-effective. 

Most edtech companies make the best out of omnichannel marketing to engage their audience. It is significant to create a consistent brand experience across mobile and web to boost engagement and conversions.

Improve Your Brand Recognition With Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is a chance to emphasize a brand and drive consideration and conversion. It intends to enhance the company’s performance. 

Edtech performance marketing allows brands to view the whole click-to-conversion path. It also helps the brand to identify areas to invest more. Whether it’s more signups or more ad views, these key metrics can help enhance overall brand performance.

For example, Byju’s is one of the leading Edtechs. They promote their brand through online and TV ads. Considering Covid-19, it provided a whole course content for free on its app. They also ensured that their audience is engaged through live video classes.

Go Viral Through Video Marketing

Video marketing is an effective way to showcase your products and services to your possible customers. By using video testimonials, explainers, and storytelling videos, you can give an introduction to your brand and products to possible customers.

Besides, video testimonials play a vital role in converting your leads into potential customers. Video testimonials on the landing page are useful for giving proof of your success. Live video streaming is another powerful way to garner new audiences. Go live to show how your e-learning methods can be beneficial for students to understand the subject easily. Make sure you go live at frequent intervals.

Once the audience is aware of your offerings, they will be associated with your brand. This will bring more leads as a result.

Segment Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In recent years, the Edtech industry has undergone drastic changes. This resulted in bringing forth new ideas, concepts, and unique learning methods. You can make use of email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Drip, or Marketo. These tools are helpful for automating campaigns, building email templates, and creating effective lead-generation forms. Besides, these tools can give you in-depth analytics about the performance of your marketing campaign.

Segmentation is quite a helpful way to improve the effectiveness of your edtech marketing campaigns. First, you can divide the email list into different types of consumers. Then you can send personalized emails to other groups.

Segment Your Email Marketing Campaigns

For example, you can begin with a great welcome series to let the user know what to expect from the course or program. Then, choose additional courses for learners and send recommendation emails. Finally, when the student is about to complete the course, send them focused emails that can be beneficial for them to delve into other learning opportunities.

You need to keep in mind that the learners need to be kept engaged at different stages. Additionally, they need encouragement to check out various courses.  

Improve Your PR Strategy To Beat The Competition

Press releases are the premier PR marketing tool for edtech as they help increase the visibility of your brand and build links. They are beneficial for Edtech firms to land on high authority publications and improve SEO seamlessly. Rather than depending solely on technology PR, you can blend social media and PR to display the spirit of your industry. Thus, you can stay ahead and beat the competition.

Appearing on several national and international news websites and magazines is a great way to grab the attention of potential clients. Popular edtech media for publishing press releases are EdSurge, Edtech Digest, Edtech Impact, and Edtech Review.

Get Social Influence To Improve Rankings

Influencer marketing is becoming popular these days. Edtech brands can partner with education social media influencers to enhance their brand recognition. Building relations with educator influencers is really helpful. It helps to achieve goals such as – boosting social media followers, improving engagement, reaching new audiences, etc. 

For instance, you can collaborate with influencers in the education sector if you are selling educational products. This is the most impactful way to promote your brand on social media and widen its reach. 

Masterclass, Quizlet, Kajabi, Duolingo, etc., are some of the reputed firms that made the best out of influence marketing to increase their online audience exponentially.

Use Webinars To Gain New Leads

Webinars are effective ways to spread information regarding trending and exciting topics in the education industry. Besides, you can refine the credibility and visibility of your brand through webinar marketing. It is beneficial for your brand when you host a webinar. It helps you to nurture leads by showing their expertise in a specific field.

Webinar marketing is different from advertisement. Webinar marketing for Edtech allows you to sell your ideas as a solution to people’s problems. Many users watch the webinars till the end. Most often users who attend webinars you host are more likely to remember your brand. Thus they turn into qualified leads.

You can use webinars to garner new subscribers, who may convert into potential customers.

Omnichannel Marketing For Edtech

Omnichannel marketing for edtech is beneficial for education institutions to grow relationships with their potential customers. It is an important part of Edtech marketing strategy. You can engage with current clients and prospects very well, with a good digital marketing strategy for Edtech. The main components of omnichannel marketing for edtech are social media, email, and direct mail.

While some people and businesses use social media platforms like a community-building tool, Edtech firms use these platforms to get traction. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are excellent options for omnichannel marketing communications. It is useful if you want to reach out to a wider audience.

Email is also a reliable tool like social media. It helps edtech firms to develop prospects at different stages of their journey. Regardless of the channel you use, omnichannel marketing can guarantee Edtech a high success rate.

Buyer Journey Mapping

Buying cycles in the education industry are typically longer. It involves more decision-makers than other companies. Therefore, mapping and nurturing the buyer journey via the sales funnel is critical. Buyer journey mapping is a time-consuming process. However, it is an integral part of any demand-generation strategy. You can work together with your team and figure out where your EdTech customers are entering the funnel. Then you can identify what are the major triggers to get them there, and where the leaks need to be closed.

Here are the steps to map your buyer journey:

Top of funnel:
Research what your buyer personas are seeking and enter the awareness stage. At this stage, plan your content ideas for your buyer personas. Figure out the most appropriate content formats based on available resources. Develop content concepts for buyer personas during the consideration stage

Funnel Center:
Outline what your buyer personas are looking for in the decision stage
Develop content concepts for buyer personas during the decision stage

Funnel bottom:
Outline what your buyer personas are looking for at the customer stage
Brainstorm content concepts for buyer personas at the customer stage

Check out this blog on interactive content marketing ideas to engage your audience.

To Wind Up

Hope you are clear with the above-mentioned marketing strategies for the Edtech business. It is important to conduct proper research on the EdTech industry to understand the scope of the EdTech sector. Feel free to get in touch with the Get My Sites team, if you want to devise EdTech sales strategies or an Edtech marketing plan.

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