Top 5 Benefits of CRM Development For Education Institutes

CRM development

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have radically transformed every single industry. Yet there are many who believe that CRM development cannot much benefit the education industry. If you are one among those, then let this article convince you otherwise.

The end of summer is fast approaching. That means it is time for school administrators, principals, and tutors to prepare for the return of their students. The start of a new academic year can be overwhelming and you need a way to stay extremely organized. And this where your CRM development comes into place.

A CRM software for education is an excellent way to keep things organized and maintain your business on track. These programs not only automate workflows and streamline processes, but also help you work more efficiently and provide better service to parents and students. Above all, as the name suggests, CRM development will help you improve your customer service and interactions with your stakeholders.

Why is customer service important in education?

Most parents and students consider themselves as the customers of an educational institution; and therefore, expect to get high-quality customer service. A custom CRM development can help you achieve that. The traditional perception of good or bad customer service in business also applies to educational institutions. For instance, if a student had a bad experience with a particular institution, they might refer this case to their parents and friends. This will consequently have a negative impact on that institution’s retention rates and enrolment.

Effective CRM development will help you create software that can help in achieving the required level of customer service in your institution. Through the software, your staff can quickly and efficiently respond to the queries posted by your parents and students. There are several other ways to achieve better customer service in higher education organizations with the help of technology. Check out the list below to know more.

How CRM development can improve customer service in the education industry?

1.       Offers omnichannel support

CRM development allows streamlining all parents’ and students’ requests from different channels (like phone, email, social media pages etc) into a single space. This will help your employees in connecting with your students and parents through their preferred medium of communication and thus quickly resolve problems.

2.       Integration with website

CRM development lets you integrate a knowledge base into your existing website through which your students, parents, and employees can easily find answers to frequently asked questions. Common information about exams, uniforms, payments along with articles published by educators can be included.

Currently, when the entire educational community has gone online due to the pandemic, such information bases can be extremely helpful for students and teachers alike. With a custom CRM development process, you can easily achieve this.

3.       Gather feedback

CRM Development

In order to understand the requirements of your students and their parents, it is crucial to collect and analyze their feedback. The feedback could include the quality of teaching, the learning environment, or the interaction between your students and your staff. Set according to predefined rules, CRM development software can automatically send feedback surveys to different stakeholders at different time intervals.


4.       Track potential leads

Most students nowadays rely on digital channels to collect information about educational institutes. That is why educational CRM software is slowly gaining traction. With a custom CRM development tool, you can include tracking tools that let you track potential leads. These leads could be from different engagement programs including email, print, and invitations to both physical and online events, and evaluate their feasibility.

5.       Long-lasting alumni relations

CMS development


A CRM solution can equip you with the tools that your organization needs to manage networks and personal connections with the alumni community. With such a CRM development tool you can gain useful insights about your donors as well and build long-lasting relationships. Maintaining relations with successful alumni can also help existing students in defining their career goals.


Prepare for the new school year with an awesome CRM software

Customer relationship management software will provide your institution with a huge helping hand in managing all the incoming parents’ and students’ requests efficiently and quickly. A custom CRM development enables self-service options to reduce your employees’ efforts and increase your students’ retention and satisfaction. If you want to improve your customer service in your educational institution by implementing a competent customer service solution, feel free to contact the expert team at Get My Sites

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