How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Platform?

Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms or software are one of the most effective ways to sell a product or brand of any global company. They help in boosting a company’s competence by streamlining their everyday marketing tasks and workflows.

But, businesses often stumble upon choosing the right marketing automation platform as they need to decide the functions that they need to automate. 

This blog is designed as a simple guide to help you choose the right marketing automation platform. We will give a quick intro on the need for this software (with a focus on ecommerce businesses) and will move onto exploring the top 6 factors to be considered before making the decision. 

Why Marketing Automation Platform

Automation may simplify a job, but it is not the ultimate. The function of digital marketers in promoting leads and converting them to consumers is still essential. The automated marketing systems aid and help them with numerous marketing tasks by streamlining and fostering marketing strategies. 

B2B and B2C companies of diverse sizes make use of different kinds of marketing automation platforms to automate their growth. Among these, ecommerce marketing automation is of paramount importance as ecommerce businesses are one of the prime beneficiaries of this software. 

There are a myriad of day to day marketing tasks and workflows undertaken by digital marketers in an ecommerce business. A versatile marketing automation platform is great at simplifying the manual and monotonous tasks of marketers like email nurturing, ad remarketing, lead management, etc.

This relieves them of their time and helps them to focus more on other core functions and lead their business to profitability. Therefore, integration of marketing automation software and tools into the ecommerce store has become a prevalent practice.

For example: many Magento development companies offer the service of integrating marketing automation tools to Magento stores as part of their Magento development offering. 

You can take your marketing to the next level with the help of an expert digital marketing service provider. They are proficient with several automation platforms available out there to benefit businesses. But how can you ensure you have chosen the right automation platform for your ecommerce business? Let’s find out.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Platform?

Email marketing is the best possible means of reaching clients, sharing your message, selling your goods, and establishing strong links with your audiences. But these days, this is hardly the only channel on your fingers.

You must examine these important elements when you seek an effective automation platform to make sure you get the most out of the solution you have chosen.

  1. Cater to Current and Future Requirements

Marketing Automation PlatformThe ecommerce world is constantly evolving meaning it is always new. The help from a proficient Magento development company can address your pain points. So, you must decide on a platform that can be developed and adapted to a changing marketing team’s needs.

Write a clear outline of what you need in terms of tomorrow’s marketing strategies and what you’re going to accomplish in six months. Do this right before you start to seek a new marketing automation platform or a credible service provider. With a clear picture of your objectives, you will find a platform to satisfy your present needs and prepare for everything that might come in the future.

There are plenty of expert ecommerce solutions, including Magento development as well. But still, choose the one that suits your business.

Ensure that the new marketing automation platform offers:

  •       Mail and automation builders that are easy to use
  •       Capabilities to import data
  •       Emails templates that are mobile-responsive
  •       Reporting for campaigns
  •       Supports onboarding and deliverability
  •       Support for the integration of ecommerce platforms, for Magento development, ERP and CRM systems, on-site customization platforms, and so on
  •       Also, consider if the platform delivers future capabilities:
  •       Other channels like SMS (text messages) and chat
  •       Functions for comparative reporting
  •       A strong relationship with technology partners loyalty, customization, payments, searching, and data
  1. Multiple Channels

Marketing Automation PlatformEmail marketing is only one component of a contemporary arsenal of seasoned marketers. Customers hop between channels and devices often and hence require a ready-to-use marketing automation platform.

SMS, push notifications, ads retargeting, and chat are only a few of the channels used by merchants to connect always-on customers. Consider how effectively the platform interacts with all your channels while looking for the right marketing option for your organization. You need a platform that can do everything to properly satisfy the needs of the future.

  1. Integrations

The strength of online stores or ecommerce business integration platforms is important for an ecommerce dealer. You will be held back by platforms that demand special developments or offer only surface integration.

So, make sure you get a marketing automation platform that is ready for integration right from the start. 

  1. Ecommerce Capabilities

Marketing Automation PlatformSupport from an accomplished ecommerce solutions provider is always needed to achieve and strengthen your ecommerce marketing needs. This should be the same with a Magento development provider as well if you’re considering one.

It is more than just good to develop business for people if they have additional ecommerce features, such as product suggestions powered by AI, ROI tracking, and eRFM (engagement, Recency, Frequency, Monetary value), and more.

You need a marketing automation platform that innovates with your requirements at its heart to help your brand develop and to increase your revenues. You may do so and more when you ensure you have such a tool to succeed. 

  1. Deliverability

A platform that provides delivery assistance is a requirement in the loud world of the consumer email account.

You can’t do much worse than getting your emails flagged as spam or reroute your marketing communications into the garbage bin. Look for a service that includes deliverability-specific staff to ensure that your messages are always in the box. 

  1. Onboarding and Other Services

Besides delivery, you need to trust that you can operate your marketing automation platform without a hitch. To get you up and running fast, you need to choose a supplier with specialized onboarding staff.

Working together with the delivery teams, onboard experts warm up your IP address, so you may progressively send more emails via your new IP to build the reputation for the sender as well as transfer your marketing lists effortlessly and ensure that your integrations are ready from the day you send. 

But this is not the only service to take into account. With a focus on the future, you need a platform that will support you, regardless of your next aim. The best design and creative services, for example, might enable potential rebranding or help you meet new marketing demands.

Training teams are also crucial to teach you about new platform features or give tailor-made courses to achieve your goals. It’s vital to explore beyond the channels of your new marketing automation platform as the options are always infinite. 


Choosing the right marketing automation platform is always challenging. Combine it with excellent Magento development for your ecommerce website, to empower and create personalized customer experiences.

It allows brands and e-commerce businesses to contact customers at any time and from anywhere by using channels from the e-mail, re-target advertising to SMS, and chat.

The platform is specifically built to enable a boosted experience in ecommerce marketers’ conversion and sales rates. It gives strong capabilities such as AI product suggestions and building an eRFM. It will enhance your email marketing campaigns as well.

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