Is it a Good Move to Go for Wix SEO Optimization?

Wix SEO Optimization

The process of Wix SEO optimization had a bad reputation from its inception. If it wasn’t for its first major upgrade, Wix website SEO would have still lacked several fundamental features such as adding alt text and changing URL architecture.

So, now, is Wix good for SEO? Using Wix SEO tools, Wix Google Search Console, and more you can now do almost any on-page SEO work. We could say we’re getting closer to that working combination of Wix and SEO. Plus, you would also need the expertise of Wix SEO specialists.

Wix has decent choices for a basic SEO setup that will serve most needs as of 2023, but it lacks the flexibility of more complex and nuanced settings.

In this post, I go through all of the nooks and crannies of Wix SEO choices so you can determine if Wix is perfect for you. If you already have a Wix website, I’ll also give you some pointers on how to make it more search-friendly.

Is Wix SEO Optimization Suitable for Everyone? 

Finally, most website owners will benefit from Wix’s SEO capabilities. 

Wix is a wonderful alternative if you want to spend more time operating your business and less time learning how to develop the perfect website with the best features.

Here’s a handy explanation to Wix SEO optimization and its suitability for people to design their website.

  • For personal websites, Wix website and its SEO are perfect as everything is packed in it.
Wix SEO Optimization
  • Local businesses can also benefit with Wix SEO tools to rank their company websites in local search engine results
  • Affiliate marketing can be done with Wix website SEO but it is not suitable for large, sophisticated websites
  • Even with a Wix SEO specialist, content marketing is limited to managing display ad content requirements, and not for large, sophisticated websites.
  • For a services website Wix SEO optimization may be suitable for SaaS, banking etc. provided depending on the exact functionality required
  • Wix and SEO may be a viable alternative for e-commerce SMBs. It can manage even the most demanding e-commerce SEO tasks.

SEO-Friendly Recommendations for Your Wix Website

You’ve decided to remain with Wix website SEO. Here are the top Wix-specific strategies to help you optimize your website for search with the help of a Wix SEO specialist:

Finish the Wix SEO Setup Checklist

Wix’s platform includes an extremely user-friendly SEO Setup Checklist. To access it, go to the Marketing & SEO page and click Get Found on Google.

To get started, you’ll be asked a few things, such as your company name and the top three to five keywords you want your website to rank for.

After you complete the questions, a screen will appear with actions you can do for Wix SEO optimization on your website for search engines, beginning with your homepage.

The SEO Setup Checklist will walk you through the process of upgrading the meta tags on your pages, making your website mobile-friendly, and other tasks.

If you follow each of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a search-engine-optimized website.

Check out this blog on Off-Page SEO Tips & Tricks to Increase Your Organic Traffic.

Integrate Google Analytics and Search Console

One of the processes you’ll notice is connecting your Wix site to Google Search Console (GSC). This is Google’s collection of tools meant to help website owners like you monitor your search results and identify issues that impede Googlebot from indexing your sites.

The SEO Setup Checklist allows you to set up GSC with the press of a button.

Once GSC is in place, you can link Google Analytics (GA) to your website to gain further insight into where your traffic is coming from and which pages your visitors are visiting.

Integrate Google Analytics and Search Console

Navigate to the Marketing Integrations tab under Marketing & SEO to link GA. Click Connect in the first box that displays.

Wix will show you how to generate a Google Analytics Property ID and link it to your Wix website. You’ll be able to check traffic and webpage reports after it’s set up and your website starts receiving visitors. This might assist you in determining which pages want development or how many conversions you receive from organic visitors.

Create Content That Is Search Engine Friendly

If your website only contains the standard homepage, as well as “about” and “contact” pages, you’re unlikely to rank highly for anything (if anything).

Creating content that Googlebot can crawl and index is an important stage among Wix SEO tools. If you’re a local company, this means producing service pages and, maybe, blog material that targets relevant keywords in your sector.

Don’t Forget to Add Internal Links

Backlinks are one of the most significant ranking criteria in Google’s algorithm. They are links from another website referring to your website. They can, however, be difficult to procure.

Internal links from one page on your website to another are nearly as significant as backlinks. They are, however, easier to include for Wix and SEO. Simply highlight some text and insert the link.

If you want to improve the rating of a page on your website, simply add more internal links to that page and you’ll be on your way to higher ranks.

Obviously, simply adding internal links will not help you rank #1 for a term. However, it is an important—and sometimes overlooked—step toward higher rankings. 

To add an internal link for Wix website SEO, just highlight the text to which you want to add a link, click the “chain link” button, and then select the page to which the link should refer.

Schedule SEO Audits On A Regular Basis

Once your Wix website is up and running, it’s critical to plan frequent Wix SEO audits to keep track of your rankings and ensure nothing breaks.

While you may accomplish this manually, it is time consuming and simple to overlook things. 

You may be unaware of 404 errors, specific blog posts not appearing in your sitemap, missing information on a specific page, etc.

For this, use Webmaster Tools to undertake audits of your website on a weekly or monthly basis. It will let you know how “healthy” your website is from an SEO standpoint.

You will then be able to view the precise actions you must complete in order to resolve these issues on your site using Wix SEO tools.

Navigate to the All problems report and review the issues we discovered while scanning your website.

You can view the mistake and learn what it means and how to repair it by clicking on it with a Wix SEO specialist as well.

You may then select “View affected URLs” and navigate to those pages to resolve the issues. Simple as that.

Wrapping Up

So is Wix good for SEO? Overall, Wix is an excellent SEO website builder. For Wix SEO optimization, it is not as advanced or competent as other complicated CMSs. It’s more than adequate for folks who just want to make a website and don’t have the time or interest in a steep learning curve.

Another advantage of choosing a website builder like Wix is that it provides a comprehensive solution, including hosting and security. And if you’re starting out, make sure you have the backing of a good Wix SEO specialist.

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