Effective B2B Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales in 2022

Increase Sales with These Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Would you like to improve your B2B email marketing strategies but aren’t sure where to start? If yes, then keep reading. We have drafted an extensive list of tips that can be used to develop an effective email marketing strategy for your B2B customers.

What is B2B email marketing?

The term B2B email marketing refers to the strategy or email content that is geared towards a business or company. Generally, organizations that sell products or services to other businesses, use B2B email marketing strategies.

What is B2B email marketing

B2C and B2B email marketing are both different in the respective strategies they adopt, the audiences they target, and the methods in which they communicate to them. While B2C customers are seeking a product for themselves, B2B customers are purchasing the organization. That is why, while B2C customers are driven by emotion while shopping, B2B customers are driven by logic and financial incentive.

While there are multiple channels to reach your customers, B2B email marketing remains the most effective method. The target audience in a B2B business most often consist of business executive, CEOs and other major decision makers. And email remains the one sure shot way to reach them. However, an average person receives over hundred emails per day. So how do you make sure that you stand out from the crowd long enough to convert your audience to a lead? Let’s explore!

Tips for building successful B2B email marketing strategies

Tips for building successful B2B email marketing strategies

1. Consider your clients and understand the differences

You have to understand that business clients are different from B2C customers because they know right from the start what they need. They do not base their purchase decisions on whims or indulgences. Which means that when you design B2B email marketing strategies to address business clients you need to take into account the fact that they are different and will act differently than your other regular customers.

2. Build an email list

 Build an email list

There are usually two main ways businesses get email addresses for lead generation: building one from website traffic or buying an email list.

Buying email lists can seem like the easiest option but it can be harmful to your business. Also, it won’t give you any qualified prospects for your email list.

The best way to go about email marketing B2B lead generation is to let your prospective clients willingly opt-in through your website. This way you get genuine email addresses who are interested in your products and services.

3.  Know your prospects

Most businesses often address their B2B email marketing to CEOs or top business executives. However, the decision-making personnel differs from company to company. Therefore, you need to find out who is in charge of making the important decisions and target them directly.

4. Segment your email list

You need to divide your prospects into segments and consequently send them the most appropriate and relevant emails. Because what works for a marketing manager may not work for a company’s CEO.

Apart from job titles, you can use other criteria like industry, company size, location, and others to segment your B2B email marketing lists.

5. Use a catchy subject line

Think about your email subject lines as a movie trailer – if you cannot engage your audience with a few dozen characters, you cannot expect them to open and read the whole content. The content marketing for your email marketing B2B lead generation starts right from your title and the subject line. So, you might have to spend almost the same time on your email subject line as you will have to do on the emails themselves.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach for creating effective subject lines, the following tips can certainly help:

  •       Keep it short
  •       State the purpose upfront
  •       Avoid typos
  •       Don’t use click baits

6. Pay attention to the email header

Your header is the most important visual element of your B2B email marketing strategies. Yes, you need persuasive email content, but first, you need to catch the attention of your audience somehow – and this is what your header does. Remember, that you only have a few seconds to get them interested, and therefore you need to transmit a clear message right from the header section.

 7. Create your content

Create your content

Now that you have a subject line, a template, and a title for your email, it is time to write your content. Remember that the best pieces of text are those that manage to answer questions, provide information, offer tips and tricks, and even advice that your audience can apply in their business. Effective email marketing for B2B sales focuses on unique and quality content production that is easily comprehensible.

8. Stick to one CTA per email

Do not make the mistake of stuffing your email campaigns with a lot of CTAs. This not only confuses the reader but also dilutes the purpose of your email. Instead, allow your audience to focus on the email content and finally one action – with one CTA.

9. Create responsive email designs

 Create responsive email designs

Studies have shown that over 80% of email users access their email inboxes on their mobile phones. This means that if your emails do not show up correctly on the mobile devices they might get deleted. So, make sure that you plan your B2B email marketing strategies accordingly and request your UI UX design services to design responsive emails every single time.

10. Consider timing

Timing is a crucial element when planning email marketing B2B lead generation. You have to make sure that your emails enter your clients’ inboxes right when they are most likely to see them. Sending your emails at any time will send you to the bottom of a big list of unread emails. So, you have to find out the time when most of your prospective clients are active and send a mail during that time. Effective email marketing for B2B sales should also take into account the period when your product or service will be most in demand.

 Wrapping up

Remember that marketing is a constant process and you need to keep modifying and adapting new trends to improve your email marketing strategies. Keep tracking your email campaigns, analyze their performances and consequently plan your future campaigns. This way you can also find out the most well-performed B2B email marketing examples and use them as future references.

There are numerous B2B email marketing tools available online that can easily help you design and send your email campaigns. However, we recommend that you depend on a human touch to manage your email marketing. You can either build an in-house team or hire a professional team of email marketers to regularly monitor your B2B email marketing campaigns. The latter will be a more cost-effective option to get skilled professionals. The ideal approach will be to rely on an experienced digital marketing company that also handles email marketing and brand management.

With the tips mentioned here, we hope that we were able to establish a practical framework for you to use in creating qualified leads for your B2B business.

So, what do you think about these strategies for B2B email marketing? Have you tried any of these and did they work for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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